Good winter comfort foods

find 5 good comfort foods to eat when its cold:

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful—but what you put in your mouth shouldn't be. Especially since research shows that what you eat during the winter months can help you survive some of Mother Nature's cruelest whims. It turns out that the real comfort food when the thermometer dips isn't hot toddies, Mallomars, or mac and cheese, but nutritious options—like soup, salmon, and lots and lots of water—that trick your body into thinking it's July. Whether you're dealing with dry skin or bad moods, we've got five successful winter-eating strategies to leave you feeling your best and stay healthy—even when the weather is at its worst.
1. Drink fat-free milk to ward off the sniffles.
When snow is on the ground, you're more likely to hit the gym (or the couch) than brave icy pavement. But less time outside means less sunlight, which is a key source of immunity-boosting vitamin D. Even if you do head out for a 15-minute stroll, sun exposure in northern cities like Boston and Minneapolis from November through February is too paltry to deliver enough of the vitamin, according to the National Institutes of Health."

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