I want to end it all. Tonight....or soon. I want it all to end. I can't escape from anything. I seek help and comfort and get none. I guess no cares, i guess i am not worth it. I am done. I am tired of saying goodbye over and over again. I can't take it anymore, I am gonna say goodbye forever now. Good bye

I care about you :( Please don't hurt yourself

i am sure there are lots of people who love you and care about you.. we are here to help if we can.. take care of are needed here ok..HUGS

Hi Sing-For-Change.YI, We here care about you. I know there are others who care about you. Please call your doctor immediately and tell them what is going on. This is a link for the suicide hotline: . Please give them a call. Keep sharing with us. Feel free to write me anytime either on the site here or at [email protected] . We are all here for you. I am praying for you. ((((hugs))))

i am doing better, but i still want it all to end. I am not happy. I don't live in the states, the hot line won't work for me. Thanks so much for responded and showing you care. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Sing for Change,
I just happen to come across your post, and became concerned.
I am glad to see that you are doing better! I saw that you said that you Don’t live in the states. Well, I found an International hot line that can help you. Here is the number
800-784-2433 and here is the website Suicide Hotlines & Crisis Helplines | Free, 24/7 Chat, Text & Phone

I care about you and I don’t even know you. And Yes there are many people like me around the world! I hope to chat with you again! …and remember God loves you and so do I.

u are important to this site. u have united people and made them all stop and want to reach out to you so please tell us as much or as little as u like, shout scream and rant but let us share a part of your life
waiin to hear all about you sending u positive loving vibes

I am so glad to see that you're doing better! Please keep it up :) We can help you with almost anything that you need or want. Please reach out when you're feeling down. :) I hope you continue to feel better.


thank u all for the compassion, the warmth to reach out and help someone else dispite all your own problems.

let us no how u are sing for change and feel free to send any one of the above a private message inc me but please keep reachin out

life does seem dark and unmanagable at times but u are stronger than u think, u have taken the first steps

loving thoughts and positive vibes

My dear friend, Take yourself back for a minute when you get to this state of mind, stop!!! now think where does my happiness end ?!? and where does it begin... Get rid of the things in your life that are hurting you.. bring more positivity into you life making everyday alot more easier for you to live through your pain... you and you only know the length of your happiness and you and you only are in fact the only one whom can make thereself happy.... find where your happiness leads and at the end i promise you wont be disappointed!!!


Jaidens Mommy <3

Hey SingforachangeYl,

Stop, breath, and exhale...something made you for a reason-GOD in my case-but you may believe something different. So you were put on earth for a reason. You are so much STRONGER then what you believe. We are here for you on this site. Also think about all the people you would leave behind-and how they would feel- its a very selfish act! Do your best and stay positive! Try to do something you love or find a new healthy hobbie to engage into. We ARE HERE FOR YOU- USE US!!!

You stay strong we care about you and though it takes time to feel better find something worth living for among the pain you deserve and are meant to be alive so don't give up. Just hang in there till things can get better. It is okay to feel hopeless but just dont give up or else you miss your chance at a happier life.
stay strong