im such a goof ball. the pollen has been high and i have been having asthma attacks along with my allergies. well i have been using my asthma medication but not using allergy medication. no wonder why im not getting any relief had to go to the store and buy some more allergy pills but hey if i get relief im happy. just took one. had to get name brand cuz they were out of non drowsy generic. but thats ok i just want relief without having to go to sleep. hoping i can get to feeling better so i can get back on the ball with my usual stuff. hubby is even cooking dinner tonight. such a sweetie.

dear foxy (alias goofball hehe) since my illness hubby cooks each weekend and lots of it for the week are'nt we just the lucky ones. sorry about the allergy/asthma, i know mom suffered from them and oh what a time she had. so hope your feeling better hun.

thank you and you are definately right we are lucky :)

we are indeed, my mr got me a laptop with a remote mouse and keyboard since i'm layed up. cooked sausage, kielbasa and chicken in his firepit for the week. as i ramble i actually wanted to see how you were feeling this morning with your asthma and allergies?

doing tons better since i took my allergy medicine. it amazes me how bad the allergies can make your asthma go crazy. thats lovely that your husband did that for you. dont mean any disrespect but what is wrong with you?

glad your feeling better hun, alleergies/asthma is a b----. no disrespect taken i have nerve damage that has had me bedridden 99% of the time allmost the past year. its my lower body from the waist down. sometime i can be on my feet 10 maybe 15 on a good day. others not at all. i’ve always been a go goer type so needless to say this has been a challenge. just to add to the difficulty of my illness, mom committed suicide and daddy died all within 2 months. so i’ve had my moments for sure. do hope your having nice peaceful sunday evening ashley…so glad your feeling better.

thank you so much for your well wishes. im sorry to hear about your mom and dad. i hope you get better where you can be back on your feet again. i can only imagine how you must feel having to be bed ridden and loving to get around and do things. i will pray that you have a more speedy recovery.

god bless you ashley for adding me to your prayer list…and i’m doing what i can now rather than wallowing in what i cannot…and that is because of this site. the people here have helped pull me up from the deepest pit i’ve ever been in. so you keep that asthma and allergies in check and don’t forget to take you meds…very grateful for your prayers

thanks kathy.

i actually have allergy induced asthma.... the only time i really get bad asthma attacks is when my allergies are not controlled... so if you have both I can see how it can really affect you.

if it really affects you every year you may want to consider talking to your dr about allergy shots.

thank you krisalis. that is definately a good idea about the shots because when it is that bad the allergy pills dont seem to help

ashley hun my mom got the series of allergy shots and it helped tremendously, she was allergic to so many things, she was actually able to eat regular food again as she was allergic to wheat and had to specially make all her meals, allergic to dust, animals it was bad. she was finally able to have a pet to and she never had an asthmsa attack again. so hope this gives you some hope with your ails