Got my bone marrow bio done

wow that hurt like h***. now just waitin til monday we will get the results and also start chop. tryin to get my house in order but i have no energy at all. but want to come home to a nice clean and fresh house, got the hubby and dog on there way so they wont be here probaly for about 3 mo, he is a truck driver so if hes not moving we are not making any money, he hates being gone for this, the last time we got lucky he was a local driver and took off every mon for chemo and was right there the whole time. but it will be much harder this time without him but i know he cant be here. so its my job to kick this nasty stuff out of my body!!!

All my strengths & we're here to talk with when you feel up to it.

Take care of you.


thank u very much, scared to death to start this chemo i know ive beat it before but, just not so sure this time around!!