Government says to cut down on salt

new diet guidelines says to cut down on salt intake:

"You should eat less salt, the government says.
A lot less.

It won’t be easy. Consumers will need help from food companies if they are going to meet the government’s ambitious new goals, announced Monday, for half of Americans to reduce the amount of salt they eat by more than half. Most salt intake doesn’t come from the shaker on the table; it’s hidden in foods such as breads, chicken and pasta.

Many of the rest of us need to cut back on sodium, too, the government said. And we still need to just plain eat less, especially fats.

The new dietary guidelines, issued every five years by the Agriculture and Health and Human Services departments, are telling people who are 51 and older, African-American or suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease to cut the amount of sodium they eat daily to little more than half a teaspoon."

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Definitely agreed! It's just quite difficult as salt is abundantly hidden in processed foods as well as restaurants :(

I'm very aware of the sodium content in everything; I avoid it as much as possible but its not possible to avoid completerly.