GPS Not Good For Memory

Interesting and insightful article regarding three studies that showed GPS Systems not being good for memory;

"A new study suggests that, for memory's sake, it may be wiser to slow down and smell the roses than rush to a destination using a GPS.

Three studies by McGill University assistant professor of psychiatry Veronique Bohbot suggest active GPS users have a higher risk of suffering memory problems as they get older, reported Discovery News .

The studies focused on how people navigate. One method, spatial navigation strategy, forces people to rely on landmarks to build cognitive maps. This is how a lost person stays aware of landmarks or how long it's been since they left a place in order to find their way.

Another, a stimulus-response strategy, is when people use a form of auto-pilot, turning at specific places because they have so many times before. This is similar to using a GPS device..."

this makes sense. i remember before cell phones i memorized all my friends phone numbers, and now barely know any. that’s probably not too good for the brain.

Hear HEAR I concur