Great morning. Got up at ten. The last two days have been

Great morning. Got up at ten. The last two days have been good. I was called to help my sister move. I was more motivated than her. I pushed a bit harder to load the U haul, my thoughts are "spend the money on a U haul, load that thing up". First load was too loose and it shifted some things. My son made the first one a bit slow. But her partner came home and watched our children and the second load was tight. She moved twice as much as she thought she would get done but she won't have my help next time so I made sure to get the big things. Beds, couch, entertainment center, tables, crib, and more.

The next day I was a bit sore and slept the morning away but had planned ahead and had all dishes done and cleaned the living and bath rooms, the kitchen and had laundry washed and dried but not folded. It was still a blessing to not need to do much that next day. I got a bit of a cold that moving day. I still have congestion. But feel more productive and cheerful.

I love helping people out. Biggest reasons I can't stand not having a job. I love to help someones day. A smile and a little help goes a long way when your having a bad day. People know me around sometimes though it has been 2 years since my last job. They smile and talk, sometimes tell me how I made their day, and would stop in for an uplifting chat. I feel great when that happens.

Not really exercise but up and moving anyway. I am going for a morning walk with the dog and do some stretches after.

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That's a great attitude. Enjoy your walk and stay smiling and positive! :-)