Grrrr why cant people just understand

OK so my mother and I have never really had a great relationship. I lived with my father and then went in foster care just some history so you understand my frustration but in the last few years we gotten a little closer she's trying i think don't really know any more. I was on the phone with her yesterday and she asked how I was feeling since she knew my heart been giving me problems.I told her I have been feeling better right away she say having you been eating more i lied said yes she asked if I have been working out I went to lie and she added any work out videos? right then i knew she knew about earlier that day my sister called well i was doing it i was out of breath she asked what i was doing.With out thinking i told her about working out and she apparently told my mom so then my mo started yelling at me saying i am selfish that's it not far to her that enough is enough that i need to start eating normally and stop working out i said it not that esey you now what she said YOU WERE NOT ALWAYS ANOREXIC YOU USE TO BE A FAT COW i started sobbing could not help it it hurt me so bad. i said i had to let her go the last thing she was that i was not being far to her that i was selfish just like her to make it about her grr i just wish she understand me well since the call i have not been able to eat its really hard but thanks for listen to my frustration love leah

I am so sorry your conversation with your mother went this way. I kniow there are several other support site members who can very much relate to what you just went through. It is so discouraging when you are trying to share with your mother and it suddenly becomes "all about them" isn't it?
Just know that you are your own best support. Stay strong in your beliefs and seek out people who will support you , not tear you down or criticize you. You are NOT selfish; your mother is. Sorry to say that and I hope that does not offend you. Please know that all of us hear care and are supporting you.

I am so sorry that this happened. I agree that this is your Mom's issue, and she has no right to disrespect you like this. Please know that I do understand, as many here do. Do what is right for you.....take care...Jan ♥

Thank you molly and jan it help to no that others understand