Ha this thing asked how I am? Well to be honest I feel reall

Ha this thing asked how I am? Well to be honest I feel really crappy. Well today anyways.. It's weird that one day I'm completely fine but the next I'm super depressed and bawling my eyes out. My boyfriend gave it to me but unfortunately I can't talk about my feelings or issues that I have With him. So hopefully I can finally chat with someone on here about it (:

goodness! Well, welcome to support groups!

What's going on?

Yes feel free to chat away ask anything you like and someone will respond but just know that it does take time to get through this . Dont expect you're going to be jumping for joy in a hurry

Thank you! Well I've had herpes since May 2015 and it still makes me so mad that I let this happen to me. Growing up my mom always pushed the use of comdoms when being sexually active or really getting to know someone and i still let this happen to me. It seems like everyone I turn around I am having an outbreak! I don't know if it's because I'm super stressed or what.

Also why I get so emotional sometimes is the fact that my boyfriend knew his ex girlfriend had it but it wasn't until about 4 months ago he told me that he'd known she had it. Everyday that conversation replays in my head and I just get so worked up. Like I love him but should I really be continuing a relationship with someone who basically kept me in the dark..

My ex bf told me his ex wife had it but he is clear. Did your bf get tested?

Yeah, he's got it too but only found out because I made him get checked. Orginally I thought I had a bad UTI because like you all must know urinating was beyond painful. So I went to the doctor and she told me "Nope, you're good on te UTI buuuut I'm afraid you've got herpes. " so when I called my boyfriend crying threatining to beat the hell out of him he decided to go get checked.

I guess i ask you, was he ill informed about the risk? Id be questuoning whether he just didnt care or because he never had symptoms he didnt think he had it? But what's important is you trying to let go and concentrate on not stressing and being angry otherwise you may continue having obs.

I've had herpes since the beginning of this May as well...
Yeah, herpes is a rough lil' thing to come to terms with. I had a lil' outbreak this past weekend and the resentment, anger and frustration with the ignorance of the person who gave it to me ran through my head. I've built up a little network of friends that help me out. We help each other out. I figured this is going to be a recurring issue in my life that I need a support group for.

Being angry won't help get rid of herpes but it may promote more outbreaks. Not like you don't already know that.

It's ok though. Hopefully your expressed pain and suffering leaves an impression on him for being so ignorantly selfish, whatever his story is. You being able to let this out helps in getting through this.

Anyhow, how has your relationship been with your boyfriend? So you two have been together all this time and these thoughts still come up? And he doesn't want to talk about it? I mean, you don't need to pay someone to be a facilitator, but if you can find a friend who can play facilitator between you two and be that intermediary then you and your partner may make some progress in your emotional understanding of each other. This is very important stuff and you shouldn't be left to carry the burden of it. At the same time, you do need to meet him where he's at. Compromise, coerce, make him sign a paper to God for him to get involved with this. The work you put in so that your mind and soul are at ease will help him evolve higher and better than he is.