Had a hard day today. I lost almost all of my money I had fo

had a hard day today. I lost almost all of my money I had for my college savings and then I had to take out a loan again so I could have money for the rest of the semester because no one would loan me money since they know I would gamble it. I was doing really well and saving up, but it is hard when there are no meetings really by me to go to for gamblers anonymous. I wish I could find people to support me through the tough times when I want to gamble

:( Vent to us here... and maybe sit on your hands (literally) for a while each time the urge to gamble comes up? As someone who's going broke right here right now, I can say going broke isn't fun AT ALL. The financial stress is taking a toll on me (and maybe on you too) emotionally and to gamble and to lose even more money now is almost suicidal. Just Stop!

@smallsteps Praying for you. Find someone to talk to, another gambler if possible. Do something with what faith you have. Not knowing what to do is not failure, it’s the beginning of faith; faith in what though? Gambling? We know that doesn’t work, so make another choice.