Had a very emotional day..my friend called me heard how stre

Had a very emotional day..my friend called me heard how stressed and upset I was. She told me to have a shot of alcohol and take a hot bath and that no man is worth all this stress...she’s right. On the way home, I was practically in tears because I felt so hurt...so hurt because I THOUGHT he cared about me..he was so cold to me all weekend like he is too good..really hurt me...I was always trying to please him (I never felt good enough) cooking for him, etc but it only made him take advantage of me and disrespect me..he needs to earn it not me...

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She is right he doesn't deserve you. I am so proud of you for deciding to let him go. We will be here for you. Do you have a support network at home? You can do this. You are special and needed in this world for amazing things. Not to be disrespected and used. You are worth more.

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You are taking yourself back. What a wonderful and powerful move! Keep the no contact, it will turbo express you to healing. Great job!

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Girl, a similar situation happened to me a few months ago. Delete his number and Facebook and don’t look back. It’s gonna hurt like hell but you’ll get through it. Give yourself some time to heal and date if your ready to then❤️

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We’re not connected on fb, but I deleted his number. He clearly found another supply. He will only reach out when he thinks I’ve moved on, or he gets bored w/his supply (or dumped) or because he wants/needs something from me

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@Yankeegirl71 this is one of the hardest things about leaving a narc, just when you’re moving on they come back and they’re charming when they want something from you. with mine I had to change my number and avoid mutual friends, and it took 3 breakups to officially leave him for good.

I'm going through a divorce now but i'm ready to move on but i haven't dated in 28 years where do i start

@toolate22 it’s easier to date once the divorce is finalized. If you want to start dating beforehand, i recommend going on casual dates for a while first and don’t tell people everything right away (but be honest about your intentions that you’re starting out casual). Reason i say this is that if you want a serious relationship you need to be able to tell your partner your divorce has been finalized for some time.

I'm gonna give it my best shot

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yankeegirl71, you are worthy of a respectful mate. be true to yourself. believe in yourself. what you accept to be ok in your mate and allow to happen in your relationship, is what you will attract in the next relationship. Be strong and know who you are deep inside. Taking a nice bubbly bath is a great idea. do positive things you like to do. Focus on you, take care of you. You will attract the right traits in the next relationship. surround yourself with positive thoughts, people and things you like to do. Don't rush it. The right one will come when you least expect it. Believe in your self worth and what you have to offer.. what you allow is what you attract. ok... this is a process you will be glad you did. Hugs, :)

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