Had a yoga teacher saying that grief was bad- (like one of t

had a yoga teacher saying that grief was bad- (like one of the seven deadly sins; or something)! when i see that saying from theunloved; it makes feel like i have nothing to be ashamed of for griefing! thank you.

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I am sorry you were told that. Grief is natural and necessary for healing. I don't believe in good or bad emotions. It's the actions we take for those emotions that can be good or bad. Please don't feel bad about grieving. I didn't grieve my dad's death (when I was 7) for 25 years and it caused a lot of problems for me. Btw grief is not one of those 7 deadly sins

thanks yellowrose10- if you saw this lady; you would see someone who is not allowing her true feelings to come out! i enjoy meditation; but i meditate to help with the griefing!

someone should tell her that!

tomorrow is suppose to be (world meditation day)!? there is suppose to be meditation and conversion! if i can make it; and she is there; should be quit a conversion!

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