Had an awful day, got in bed to go to sleep and a random son

Had an awful day, got in bed to go to sleep and a random song popped in my head. It was "Quit Playin Games With My Heart" by Backstreet Boys! I youtubed it and listened to it to help relax me but it did more than that, it made me smile from thinking about them and how they shaped my childhood. I saw BSB in concert last year with Jesse McCartney and it was unreal. I'd regreted not seeing them in concert when I was younger and thought I'd lost my chance but I didn't! They're as incredible as ever. It's weird that one verse just pops in your head and you listen to the song and it helps to remember the good times when things were easier

Songs are a wonderful transport to a time and place where things were exceptionally good, it is magical! So glad you were transported to this time and place! Hugs!

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@CKarma Hugs to you too!

Now I have that song in my head :)

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@mom4 haha sorry :slight_smile:

I love music, it can sooth you soul, regardless what kind of mood your in you can always find a song that says exactly what you want to say!

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@vendettapolar that’s why my next tattoo is going to be song lyrics :slight_smile: