Had enough - Moving On

I was never really comfortable with my oncologist and specifically the hospital. I have decided to move my treatment to the James Center at OSU.

First issue, I was sent to the radiologist instead of the medical oncologist. This took a week off of treatment. Then, I was told by the Dr. in the hospital that he would call me the next day with the preliminary results from my bone marrow biopsy - still haven't heard almost two weeks later.

The last straw is that I haven't even received one call from the doctor's office to check on how I am doing or what they plan is for my treatment. One doctor (while in the hospital) said he thought I'd "likely" have six rounds of R-Chop, but I haven't heard definitively.

I know this may seem small, but I have little faith that they are on top of my case. I really feel like a number and a not too important one at that.

I'd definitely make the change. What you report is unacceptable! Good luck.

Fire them, absolutely. The James Center is part of the NCCN and a top international cancer center. The researchers there are on the cutting edge, you can expect the best treatment available. I don't know about their bedside manner (personally I think bedside manner is overrated among doctors) but their professionalism won't disappoint you.


Cowboy, you have done exactly the right thing. I almost fired my oncologist as I felt he had a firm view of how FNHL is to be managed regardless of what patient is standing in front of him with the disease.

Since I think he is a very competent guy who is part of the largest practice in the area (confirmed by 2 independent doctor friends) I chose to confront him instead. I told him I was considering moving my case to another doctor in the practice unless he could start communicating with me according to my needs. He had to take my opinions and research seriously and engage me as a full partner in my health care plan. We have done well together since than discussion.

You have to be the #1 advocate for your care and you are doing so by taking this action. Kudos to you and good health,