i Hallucinated bad for the first time in months the night before last. I've been on anti-psychotics for three years now, but before that i've been seeing people since i was a child. No matter how much i tell myself that these things i'm seeing aren't real...it still scares the hell out of me. I haven't stopped taking my meds or anything..life is just stressful. It's scary and i hate it. Does anyone else here hallucinate as part of their bipolar disorder?

I have auditory hallucinations, they diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. And your right hallucinations are very scary.

Amanda, forgive my ignorace, what are auditory hallucinations?

When you hear things rather than see them

I often think I hear someone calling my name. It is always a man’s voice too! But it only happens at night in the quiet of my room. It spooks me!
Do yours have a distinct voice? Btw - you are the first and only person I have ever told. I feel kinda stupid.

Rebekkah, I can't imagine what that must be like. I think I would be terrified! How do you know the people you see are not really there? I'm sorry I don't understand so well what it is like.

Mines usually a girl. But sometimes it's a random person whispering my name or just saying random things. I usually hear them at night when I'm trying to go to bed too

OMG! I’m doing it too? I knew it! I knew it wasn’t right! I never told anyone cause I thought it was just me! Holy crap! I’m scared. IDK why but I am!

thanks for all the feedback. yeah...before i was medicated it was like meeting a new person everynight. Men, women, children...it was like they all had their own personalities too...like some thought it was funny that i was afraid and would laugh, and some would just smile...some would look angry. The little boy i saw was when i first woke up..i jumped back afraid...and he did the same thing and ran away. Sometimes i wonder if they are really hallucinations, or if i just have that sense...either way..i don't want it and it scares the hell out of me. DO any of you ever get like paralyzed in the night and hear voices and feel things touching you. Has anyone ever had something like that happen to them?

Well, I was just telling Amanda I hear voices at night when I go to bed, but now that I think of it, I have woken up once or twice to hearing again a man’s voice call my name. And I know it’s not my boyfriend because he is asleep. Usually it is not a whisper but a normal volume. I’m just really freaked out right now. Why am I having these hallucinations?

I had nightmare hallusinations form PTSD.

I would just fall asleep sort of and then be pazilized and could not move, as people watched me, well my Stalker and guy that almost murdered me.

I could not move and everything was so REAL yet many times I think my eyes are opened but they are not.

I learned to control them by claming donw and saying this is NOT REAL.

What seemed like forever in time, I finally relaxed and could move.

i thought I was seeing and screaming and so on... but I was not, not even a peep. could not move.

The PTSD really effected me....

I guess this is different but...

maybe you can DE STRESS SOME.

try thinking about the good and pushing out the bad thoughts.

IT IS HARD AS HELL but I manage to do it more and more. I am plaged each day with the past thoughts and stress and future and money and so on... Jobs Health, Fibro and so on...

but any time a BAD thought comes into my head I SAY evne yell to myself NO STOP and STOP thinking about that.

There is ALWAYS a Solution to problems even ones we dont like but still a solution.

I guess after so long of my pushing back it is working more and more. SUCK everyday every moment still I struggle. Like a Addict to the OLD thoughts and HABITS.

Worth a Try to help lesson the rest and it is easy to do because no added medication and so on.

YOU just have to push it hard and harder !!!!!!!!!!!

Change your thoughts and patterns.

maybe you can change somethng to lesson the stress and fears and hurt...

That will help some, maybe not 100% or even 25% but ANY % is good to start and help YOU !!!!

I have learned a lot and have much more to learn.

But I do beleive no matter what our minds are strong. We can help ourselves some or a lot or completely.

with a good doctor and ourselves to PUSH hard inside we can do it.

I hope that helps some, I feel for you.

Any dilussion SUCKS...

I was lucky I did not completely snap.

But I found out no matter what, It can get better.

Please be well and safe !

I've never had the visual hallucinations.. That I know of, I've seen things I thouht were ghosts and now I'm starting to realize it may have been a hallucination. But no matter whether your seeing hearing or dreamingthem their scary!! I had one that would talk to me nearly every day and tell me the government was after me and my friends and family were in on it. The other voices would say my name or random things then sometimes they would have conversations with themselves and it was like a crowded restaraunt in my mind. On top of that I have panic attacks and horrible anxiety. I can't go anywhere without feeling suffocated.

If anyone ever wants totalk message me or email me at [email protected] :-)


It is all scary.

Some people really have issues that medication and doctors need to be there to help them and then Stress can make things and tramadic events cause others, which I think we need to use more of US for to cope and battle.

But you know, Ghost in one way are real, I beleive.

We are all Energy right and where does the energy go when we die ???

so scientically, there is somethings we can't explain, and some we can.

Did you know that Limerock HOLD SOUNDS from the past...

So people living certain places here voices over and over again but unless someone else hears it thinks they are, well.

Just like weather and pressure changes effect out health and bodies. Storms coming hurt old injuries or Fibro or arthrius and so on... People can feel the changes more then some people.

But also I wonder about the energy and ghosts, so I never count anything out.

If it is not somoene telling you something, i think it is up for inspecation and investigation to see.

Also the whole Idea we attract Negative energy when we are negative or bad, well, again Energy ?? I wonder...

But our pain, negativeness, tramas, bad people around us, etc... maybe we attract something in the AIR...

Our brains also function with electircal impulses, nerons Ions etc...

so if we attract negative engery out there to us, could it effect our health and mental well being too ???


Sorry I am so Courious about things in the world...

Hence my ideas of FIGHT IT and Battle to WIn, say positiive out loud and negative is ok to release but follow up with the GOOD to counter it.

Again all engery and chemicals in the body and mind.

Who knows ?

No One-
My friend and I had kind of a similar discussion the other night. She said during her high school psychology class they looked at two photos. One of a persons brain who has schizophrenia and one who does not. She said the "butterfly" image was larger in the person who has schizophrenia. So is it possible that people who have schizophrenia, or another disease/disorder causing them to hear voices aren't really "crazy" at all?.. Maybe their just more sensitive to images and voices of those who have passed.

The times my boyfriend and family think I may have had visual hallucinations:
-I saw a black figure walking around back and forth in my room, it was also dark in my room.
-I went to Texas and had to pick my sister up from a church at 2 a.m. I saw an older man with a cane outside wearing a suit carrying a bible. No one else saw him.
-When I was in 5th grade, the day before the 9/11 events my mom was flying to Chicago, I saw someone walk from my living room to my back door carrying a suit case who looked exactly like my mom. No one else saw her.

And as for the voice in my head that tells me the government is after me and all that. Maybe its really just somebodys spirit who has passed on trying to warn someone the government was really after them, and all they could find was me?

I dont know, does this make me sound even crazier? Or does it make even the tiniest bit of sense? Feedback please!!! :-)

i don't think any of y'all are crazy. I honestly don't know what's real and what's not. All i know is that it's scary.

Yes scary is the best word I can think of to describe it. Somedays my halluccinations were so bad I just didn't wanna get out of bed. I'm scared for the future, am I gonna get better or will things be like this forever? I've found a treatment center for anxiety I wanna go to for a few weeks, but I don't have insurance and I'm sure it'll be expensive but who knows, maybe it'll help?

hey amm1488...have you tried anti-psychotics to help with the hallucinations? that is the only thing that works for me. i know medication shouldn't be the answer for everything, but it helps a lot.

I have often wondered if the man I hear calling my name is my pop-pop or if God was tring to talk to me? You know how God called to Samuel when he was sleeping at night? (used to be a Sunday School teacher - sorry) But those are the only explainations I could think of. I don't hear it all the time. And the voice doesn't scare me, but when it registers in my brain that I heard it again, that's what scares me.

it really makes you wonder huh ?

I kow some people need medications and help by doctors but...

Does it make us really crazy ?

We are all human beings and we are all differetn and so on... so what really makes us bad off ?

also if the mind is different and more opened are we more in tune with the other dementions and energies and so on in the world, scientifically speaking ????

We only use 10% of the mind, some scientists think is we used to much we would go crazy...

Doctors and people always want to label others and usually from what they know, not what is available.

hence all the new names and illnesses of the mind.

Do people snap and hurt themselves and others yes, but... Is all the medicine good for us. can;t we learn to also RETRAIN our minds and selves and so on....

I wish we could chat some time in person ;-) I like interesting debates and topics... Us laymen can figure a lot out too.

Children that are autistic function different then others and at a different level...

I wish I had half their smarts. But the social functions are missing ???

Can you imagine if we could use all of our brain ?

would we all go crazy or would we learn the mean of all of this ?

I really wonder about things....

;-) HEY ALL Keep trying, Find NOT good doctors BUT GREAT ONES that work with you well, and use what is available to help yourself !!!!

You are strong and together We are stronger !!!!!!

Best wishes always everyone !

I tried antipsychotics they made it worse!! I'm on an ok med combo now but it doesn't take everything away

and idk much about the bible I'm not very religous but I have wondered the same thing