Happy Halloween!

So today is Halloween in the states. What is everyone's plans for today? I guess since my kids are older now I will be hanging around the house today. I use to take our kids trick or treating when they were younger. I hope everyone has fun today!

Happy Halloween to you also! I think I am comming down with a cold/flu, so I will likely just hang around the house today and sip lots of green teat <3

Happy Halloween to all. Today I had to work, came home late, therefore, missed all the fun. Wishing you all happiness.

Hope you all had a happy Halloween. I used to love it so much, but since my two boys have grown up and we now live in the middle of nowhere there are no trick or treaters coming to the door. The only ones we would get around here would be deer, raccoons, fox and an occasional bear. I really miss going out trick or treating with the boys, I miss those days when they were little. And I miss the little ones coming to the door. Well, happy all saints day today too.
take care all

Hi Lilac, I am so sorry you are sick. I do hope you are feeling better today. ((((hugs))))

Hey Marcie, I am sorry that you missed it.

Hi darkraven, I miss trick or treating with our girls also. We always took them out and they had lots of fun. I use to dress up also. We usually would have a Halloween party. We had one last year that was a hit with all our girls and their friends. I don't know how many kids we had here last year.

This year with them being older now, they all had their own plans plus mom was in the mood for some peace and quiet. LOL My husband leaves today for a business trip out of town so I wanted to spend a quiet weekend with him and I did.

It's the first day of November and it is chilly here. Looks like we will have a cool week. It's about time. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! :)