Happy new year schizophrenics :)

I wish everyone a happy new year , and a recovering new year.
Hope all your hallucinations go away , all depression and breakdowns just end by 2011.
wish your meds work as should be, and you find good support from who cares .

Loved the way you put that.

Take care of you.


Happy New Year to you as well Desert Rose !
I wish I wasnt depressed but so far no visual hallucinations lots of auditory and tactiles
But I hope yours is going well :)

Thanx April ,I always read your comments , your a good supporter :)

Shanese how is your meds working now ?

auditory and tactile hallucinations suck, I know that , but you have to learn how to differ between right ones and fake ones ,in case they didn't go away with meds.

you are going through hard times I guess :(
I wish I could help ,
what else you are going through ? , let me know any developments with you , I really care , I want to know what could happen if meds didn't work ? I don't wish this will happen to u

My meds have gotten a bit better thankfully the tactiles arent as much and my auditory hasnt been back yet just the occasional Visual which I can deal with :slight_smile:
I have been depressed but I’m slowly getting over it and feeling a little better these days just hoping it doesnt happen again.
How are you?

Thanx for asking about me , I am doing better these days , not much depressed ,not hallucinating ,I hear some voices from time to time ,
but still afraid of whats coming next ????
I have my weight gain problem to deal with , trying hard to control my widely open appetite :(
I still sleep much , and for a month now I'm taking my Vitamins and Omega3 but I don't see any difference in my memory and mental activities its still less than normal.

Well I’m glad that you arent depressed, no visuals and the voices arent so bad.
I understand that youre afraid of whats coming next I am as well it makes me anxious.
I used to have an apetite problem as well it was hard for me to just stop eating I would just eat all the time and then I got depressed and now my apetite is not so big.