Happy Saturday! I was able to make it to sleep last nigh

Happy Saturday!

I was able to make it to sleep last night without eating again which was my plan. I wanted to shoot for drinking a little and eating light when I got up because I’d rather eat during the day than at night. And that’s what I’ve done. But I went overboard with these Lara bars once I started having them. And when I do that, I just know I’ve had my meal for the day and I’m done. And I would rather be done at 4:30 PM and have plenty of time for my food digest, go to bed with an empty stomach and sleep great, then wait longer, eat later, be up later and so forth. I’m trying to stay on the day schedule because I’m a natural night owl. So eating during the day when I’m actually empty and ready for something helps that.
My focus is on point.
Last night my Dad sent me a picture of his dinner.
It was all the foods I don’t eat anymore. And there is still a part of me that questions whether to eat it or not.? But I know that is my addict brain because it takes a long time to get over the drugs. And in my mind, pork, any meat at all, dairy, is a drug. Eventually I’m not gonna have any cravings or any desire at all.
When I stopped alcohol, which is something people easily agree is a drug, it took over 3 yrs. before I could feel 100 percent about not wanting it anymore. It’s Its over 4 years,4 months now.
My Dad is Alcoholic too. He is 73.
There is always the anomaly right. Someone who can do everything wrong and still seem like they’re healthy. My dad may seem like one of those. But we don’t see the whole picture. He has no quality of life. He sits in a chair and watches T.V., eat crap and drinks Or is in bed sleeping.
He doesn’t feed his mind, body and Soul anything good. He’s very negative.
He also is very likely at the end of his life. He’s just waiting to die. So his only pleasure is freshly desires.
It is easier to raise your vibration and live in the spirit over the flesh when we are not weighted down.
He may be satisfied with his life (which he’s really not)
But I am not! I choose to find the beautiful side of this life. I choose to live a long healthy life. Mind, body and Soul!
He killed my Mother. First her spirit, then her body.
He won’t do that to me!

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You need to find a routine that works for you. You definitely have the right attitude to make changes that make YOU happy. You already made great strides and should be proud.
As far as your father goes... it seems the older generation grew up differently and have a harder time in making changes. Even if those changes would improve their lives greatly.

I stopped eating pork, beef, and dairy for health reasons. Had a hambutger the night before surgery because I understood it would help in the initial healing. Craved beef for awhile afterwards. Won't do that again!

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@Inmylittlerroom hi. Yes. I have a little bit of a routine now. More than I ever did before. But I still play around with it. I am doing something completely different than you are but doesn’t matter. We about doing what works for us.
I eat a lot of fruit. Juice celery and other things (all separately) and salad, potato for dinner every other night now.
It’s been 137 days no eggs,dairy or wheat.
The inflammation that I had in my feet for 8 years is gone.

What kind of routine do you have?
Another thing I miss is protein powder. I used to buy the vegan protein powder all the time and I did like it. But it’s not on the program I’m doing. :frowning:

I’m glad your doing so much better than your father n enjoying life more!

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@Foundlove Thank V.
Were you able to go to the store and get some stuff? I am going back tMonday to load up again.
I wish I had fruit trees. I’d like lemon, apple, garden with fresh greens and cucumbers.
Even the organic produce doesn’t taste as good anymore. And it’s so expensive. The carrots aren’t that much though so juicing carrots doesn’t bother me.

what? no mac and cheese, no pizza, no cheesecake???
What is this world coming to?!
[ and I use to be a cheesehead from wisconsin]

Use to eat pizza but I would always feel crappy afterwards.
Can't drink caffeine. Does weird funky things to my heart... "chitty chitty bang bang." don't want it to go "clunk clunk."

Wheat is in almost every fricking' thing. Just like corn. Oh, don't get me started on corn. Keep this in the rage-free zone.

Eggs i normally don't eat but when I do I feel good. So maybe once every 3 months is okay? But not a must.

Noticed there isn't any chocolate listed. Is dark chocolate okay?

Oh, did you know if your water and salt is out of balance you can pass out? Yep, I need to pinch my salt everyday.

So my only real problem is bread. It's also the hardest to ignore. It's always begging for your attention. I have cut back but quitting bread would be like quitting smoking i suppose. Do they even make wheat patches??? Or wheat gum?
So if I find bread without wheat or eggs I'm good, right?

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@Inmylittlerroom A healthy body with no leaky guts! Keep living… : )