"Happy Stuff" Project courtesy of another member

taken from a different group discussion but i loved the idea so i wanted to pass it along!!

I want to see how many people I can get involved in this and how long we can keep it going... I would like people to post someting positive... something good that happened, or a joke or something nice about themselves... no matter how small and to do it as often as possible.

I also want to challege everybody to say to themselves every night last thig before they go to bed, "today was a good day because....." who wants to join me?

today was a good day because i started my new hours at work,and wasn't late!! i have a new apartment, and when i wasnt feeling good last night my boyfriend tucked me into bed and got a cold wash cloth for my eyes and programmed the coffee maker to start this morning so i had fresh hot coffee before work.

yesterday was a good day b/c my boyfriend and i had our first home-cooked meal in our new apartment togther and we got cable hooked up so now i dont have to sit around wondering what to do before bed.

I love this idea....I believe alot in thankfulness in good and bad...Today was good bc I found supportgroups.com and am reaching for help....thanks for the idea....

Today was a good day because it starts the beginning of the work week and that means I can go on vacation Thursday morning.