Happy Thanksgiving!

HI friends! I know Thanksgiving is over, but I wanted to congradulate people on here for doing a stunning job of eating well at Thanksgiving! Yes , we kicked ED's butt!

I did well too, thankfully! The thing about my situation is that there was waaaay more food than ever imaginable! I was so not excpecting that ! We also had 2 big meals plus deserts ! I was just so overwhelmed! I mean I ate the meals and heck even the desserts, but I was quite scared of ALL the food!

The thing that really embarrassed me is that, when i did eat the second dessert---I was sooo fearful someone would think bad of me. I was embarrassed. But, I didnt care and went on to eat the second desert. I thought well, why not enjoy Thanksgiving?

So at the end of the night when everyone was done---somehow, the topic of what we had to eat was discussed. I mentioned how i missed breakfast( and i did which i was angry about) and how I didnt have much lunch cause I was making room for the big Thanksgiving dinner. So, then one of my in-laws exclaimed "Oh well, but she also had dessert!"

And friends-- I was so embarrassed---I felt totally watched and judged for having dessert. I was hoping no one would have noticed but not only did this lady notice---but announced to the whole table I ate desert.
I felt like such a cow and so bad for eating desert. I was so hoping no one would have noticed but they did.

I mean, it isnt a big deal or anything, but I felt totally watched and judged even. Like someone was keeping track of what I was eating. No, she had no clue I had an eating disorder so she wasnt keeping track of my food intake--she was just announcing my eating desert. Which I think was totally ridiculous. Really weird. I mean why was she watching, noting, and then announcing what I ate to others? Was it her business at all???

So, I felt embarrassed and bad and guilty for that...
Thus I am writing to you all on here...

But , other than what t hat lady had to say--I kicked EDs butt!

and great job ---to everyone else!!!!



Maureen...so what if you had dessert? Who cares, or whose business is it?
There will always be people available to judge, but you are you worst critic too...I know I was!
I'm glad you didn't let these things/comments stop you.
Wishing you a great weekend!! Jan ♥

yeah who the hell is she? ugh she is sooo dumb--- i swear jan ---i hate my in laws! heeeeeeeeeelp me! they are such idiots!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love ya

what i eat is my business not any one elses! she is so weird...



i am glad you had a good dinner. the reaction about the desert may have been a little 'ED' related. here's a different perspective from what i read. you spoke to the table about skipping breakfast and very little lunch. she said that you ate dessert, yes. a lot of people joke on thanksgiving and major 'food' holidays to save room for desert. especially since you said that she didn't know about you ED. if all she said was you had desert, maybe it was just trying to make you feel better about skipping out earlier (breakfast and lunch). i know when i sit at the table i can tell you who had desert and who didn't. it's just an observation. i doubt she was trying to make you feel bad.


hmm you know i thought about that scarlette—i thought oh myabe she was just saying it because it was thanksgiving----but honestly --it was the way she said it that made me think otherwise—it really was like she was keeping track—not that i think she would do this BUT she was also very deit oreinted. during the times of lunch dinner she wouls talk --about oh this is bad to eat or this isnt right to eat —so , i really cant say 100% for sure—but i think it was weird for her to say.

not that it matters at all–but id did make me feel bad. i mean maybe she didnt mean anything by it but it affected me…


Ummm who's business is it if you ate desert? GOOD FOR YOU M! I hope you enjoyed every last freakin crumb ♥

yeah gina----i did. well actually the dinner wasnt all that great. desert was ok---LOL!

but yes it is none of anyones business at all...


Sorry about the awkward moment with the weird lady; I hate it when stuff like that happens! Drives me nuts. However, congrats on Thanksgiving; we're all proud of you!

thanks true!!!!!

yes it was akward---i hate it when people bring to others attention i had dessert. i dont know why---it is weird..



We can't understand why this person felt that she needed to make that remark. She may have really wanted dessert herself, and felt envious that you were enjoying it! Good for you! I would have said to whoever made a comment, "yes, I am eating dessert, and I am **** proud of it!"
Take care...Jan ♥

yes i told joe about it today. he thought it was odd. i honestly think maybe she as envous because she was so into diet talk, eating right----that this is bad for you --this is good for you, oh that has too many carbs kind of thing. so i think she was so into her food rituals maybe she was shocked i took a risk? wierd . and i think we al know how much i do care of eating right and such but it is good to take some days off from eating healthy all the time.

i think she was almost trying to ermbarrass me because i was saying --oh i didnt have thay much today after dinner when we talked about how much we ate---and she was making it like--yes you did---kind of thing. like she was making me look like a liar by making it like i ate more when i stated i ate small that day. ugh.
what an annoying person...

it has been 4 days of unsafe foods and i am going nuts. i like tryin different foods but her in long island there are no safe foods. i dont like going so long out of my comfort zone... i dont want to tempt ED into my head....

im gettin scared --im not going to lie...

but ill try no to worry

thanks jan!

So...are the foods 'unsafe' to you because they are out of your comfort zone...different from what you normally eat?
Please try to remember that the rules of the ED are meant to be broken...:) Really...there are no 'unsafe' foods, unless you are allergic or something. We can get into big problems when we begin to label foods as 'good/bad'.
It is hard to be in a different routine, but please try to enjoy the experience in some way....thinking of you...Jan ♥

thank you so much---and you are right--there are no good /bad foods ----like that one woman at dinner claimed...

you are right and i am trying to remember that the rules of ED are meant to be broken...

thanks so much for the reminder, jan!!!!!!!!


You can do this Maureen!! HUGS..Jan ♥

thanks jan!!!!!!


I just joined today. (This is the first online support group I have ever been part of.) But, I am AMAZED at how you ate Thanksgiving Dinner!!!! That is Wonderful!!! Unfortunately, I sat at the table with my husband and his family like a knot on a log. I drank sparkling water!! UGGHH..!! This ED has been part of me for 22 years, and I need the support, like this group, to kick it to the curb too. Is the support here good?

Again, CONGRATS ON EATING DINNER...AND DESSERT!!! I am proud of you!


thanks christi---in response to is the support here good---i can easily say that the support here is some of the best ever from the most wonderful people in the world. it is unbeleivable.

so many people on this site have gotten healed from ED and or working on recovery or starting recovery.

i am almost 1 year in recovery from ED coming dec. 2nd....



Hey Maureen" Congratulations on gettting through, as I always call it, the annual "casserole alley".... LOL
I had a weekend full of family and food as well. Just got home. I did well eating but missed my exercise horribly.
But,. I prayed and got through it.!
Love to you !

yea --i didnt work out for 4 whole days!!!!!!!! heck i was kinda glad i rested....

i couldnt have tonight but skipped the workout...

glad you are home!!!!!!!!! we had thanksgiving for 5 days straight! ugh... it was food and more food and more food...on top of that food.

lordy lordy...

but i got through it!