Happy Turkey Day!

Cooked, ate, napped...lovely day! lol. Wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my Club H friends! Now I know some of us are still dealing with the shock of the diagnosis and trying to figure out how to live a normal life, but please realize we DO have things to be thankful for. We are alive...we will live to see our children grow up...to see our grandchildren grow up...to pay off our student loans. lol. No reason you cant marry and have children...if you dont its a choice. Only way this virus will keep you from it is if you allow it to change who you are.

I was logging on here and happened to see some of the posts...from people dying of cancer...from a boy who's dad beat his mom and he is afraid...from people who have just lost people they love....when you put things in perspective...we have it good. Just sayin...

Happy Thanksgiving!

@overwhelmed123: that is very true. I was diagnosed this week but now that I have had a few day to process it I am thankful it's not HIV. There are many things out there worse than this. I have been abused my ex husband and up until now I thought that had been the worst thing to happen to me. Now, I still believe that. I have been introduced to some awesome support groups online and have been told of ones that meet in person in the city I will be moving to soon. Hope all of you had an awesome Thanksgiving!

If you want to know about a few of the other support groups I have been directed to you can email me at [email protected]

thanks lost!

Glad yiu had a good day, we also had a good day. An ob doesn't slow me down, I ate like a fat girl & the kids ate desserts all day lol. Life is good...there's worse ****. Hope the rest of your weekend is awesome.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!! I'm so thankful for friends, family, and as overwhelmed put it my Club H group......Life is good and it's around this time that you realize and remember how lucky you are....at hiswife I also ate like a fat girl...lol

Anyone who says they DIDNT eat like a fat girl is either lying...or they ate like a fat boy. lol