Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Would like to share with you

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Would like to share with your an excerpt from an article which is so true. Your feedback would be nice too :)
Just like any severe addiction, we have many excuses as to why we don’t want to let go, why we can’t let go, regardless of how much damage we’re sustaining.
Don’t be fooled by thinking I have seen him / her be loving, and I know he / she is capable of being the person I want to be in love with. Or I know that this person WAS loving and kind, and therefore I know they DO have the resources.
Narcissists know the actions that will attract you and make you fall in love with them, but they are feigned, they aren’t real and they’re not genuinely felt by him or her. They all have the agenda of securing narcissistic supply behind them. The narcissist was pretending to genuinely give, simply in order to get.
Real substance requires aligned actions and consistency. The words ‘I love and adore you’, and ‘You are the only person I’ve ever truly loved’, and ‘I’ll do anything to make this work’ (or any other version of undying love or commitment) carry very little weight when actions repeatedly surface that express the exact opposite.
Real people follow through and demonstrate what they say.
Real actions are a far cry from the declarations of false love that is delivered by a narcissist, followed by destructive words and actions, broken promises, and twists and turns which completely obliterate the previously feigned consideration.
Be brutally honest with yourself, because the truth will always set you free. Regardless of the little bits of hope that you received intermittently, the rest of what‘s going in is destroying you piece by piece.
How on earth can that be real love?

Sounds pretty accurate to me!

Tough to admit, but true. Thanks for sharing that.