Hard subject to talk about

hello, i am a new member. i am currently in therapy because of depression and CSP (compulsive skin picking) which the therapist attributes to an anxiety disorder (i did not think you could be anxious and depressed at the same time so i learned something new. i am a 40 something who has had this problem since my pre-teen years, before the medical profession gave it any attention or tagged it with a name.

i thought it might be beneficial to supplement my once a week therapy with a support group because i really don't have anyone in my life that i can really open up to about this.

Ms. Insanity

welcome to support group msinsanity

im sorry to hear u have this problem but glad u are gettin help and support, its a shame too many women put themselves on the back burner for years while they see to career/family/aging parents.

as to the problem yes i can relate to it i have a daughter who nibbles round her fingers leaving them red, sore and to be honest a nightmare to deal with.

u are not alone in finding out things that are new, and often anxiety goes hand in hand with depression, they seem to compliment each other beautifully

having said all that im glad u are here posting, if u would care to be more indepth i will look out for your posting.

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes