Harming myself down to the last layer of skin

So I couldnt stop picking at the skin between my thumb and index finger. Now its all pink and red and sensitive to water. Its bleeding now and i cant seem to stop picking at it, but i did once i figured out that the layer that i peeled all the way too is an thin layer and i think the last...now im starting on the other hand and the thing is i cant get myself to stop...its so hard...even if i do manage to distract myself..i keep thinking about it until i actually do it...Im not sure how to stop. But I hate hiding my hand just because im afraid people might see. How do I stop??

Hello again “denaxx” –

I was looking on the web for a possible substitution for you and found two products that offer the some ideas – “Liquid Skin” or “NU Skin”.

It is a clear liquid that comes in a small bottle from any pharmacy or drug store.

You paint two or three coats over the area you have damaged. It forms a smooth clear layer. For many - it helps to the break the picking cycle.

Also another way is to put some on another area and pick it off instead of your own skin. If would provide you with some release plus it wouldn’t harm your skin. I read it has been helpful for some.

- Mike

aaw thanks mike..your so awesome!!! ill try that once I get my xmas money!!!

I hope that helps - it sounded good to me.

I wonder if you could also substitute another method to help you break the cycle - maybe white paper glue poured or painted on paper or plastic that you could also use to save yourself some harm because it would have nothing to do with your skin or your body - yet still give you some release.

Just a another thought.

- Mike

glue!!! haha thats it..i couldnt find liquid skin online....i went to the walgreens website and typed it in and all they gave me was makeup..:/

Of course I would not recommend putting the glue on your body but it may work somewhere else like a school binder or book - or even a flat piece of wood.

You may have to experiment a bit but I feel it is worth the effort - because you are worth the effort! :)

- Mike

well putting it on a binder wont help..but if i out it on my hand (becuase i do it at randome times) that will work better..but im going to bed..stupid trig test tomorrow..:((

Have a good sleep and good luck with the test!

- Mike

Draw a fine line between pain and pleasure. Replace the pain w/ doing something pleasurable like sports...e.g running,swimming and weight lifting. In this way you can replace the pain by doing something pleasurable and still feel good.
For your mental health, pls see a counsellor or therapist for professional advice.

Hi I've suffered skin picking obsession since i was 9 and my skin on my arms an legs have looked awful.for years.......only recently im looking healthier and that's since i started wearing false nails and realised i couldn't really pick anymore....i kind of dot bother now...sometimes ill try but fail cos the nails. are rather thick and its near impossible....i worry though when i can't afford the £25.00 it costs every 4 weeks

im starting to do it on my lips....sucks hen your trying to kiss you boyfriend :(