Has anyone been initially diagnosed with BPD, then later dia

Has anyone been initially diagnosed with BPD, then later diagnosed with DID?

A misdiagnosis is not uncommon. The brain is a complex device, so you may find out that there was an even more deeper lying problem later on as the search for your mental problem progresses.

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I was diagnosed with BPD and PTSD. No one ever revised the diagnosis. Diagnosis is an art, not a science, and humans are complex and don't exactly fit in boxes. Sometimes psychiatrists or psychologists make the best diagnosis (label) they can think of, but it doesn't mean it's the right one. They're always adding new diagnoses and removing old ones from their manual. Do you think either of these diagnoses are accurate?

@L2015 I feel like BPD was a more accurate diagnosis, but I’m not sure if it isn’t just the fact I’ve grown more comfortable with the ‘label’ or what. But the psychiatrist I saw was dead set on me having DID.

Hi. Wow, the psychiatrist was convinced you have DID. I would imagine that being told that after feeling solid about having BPD, that would be disruptive. DID is a pretty intense label.