Has anyone divorced online

OK, I’ve finally decided I want to divorce but I’m very uncertain how to go about it. I certainly don’t want to make any mistakes!
We don’t have any child custody issues and we both want to be fair about our assets. To me it seems pretty cut and dry. I live in CA which as I understand it; is a pretty easy state to divorce.
I’m looking into legalzoom.com, it looks fairly straight forward.
I’m open to advice if anyone would like to offer it?

I too am from CA. & I too have researched some online divorce site recently, its not that cut & dry forsure, it depends on how long you've been married & who files first unless you guys hire a mediator or have already separated (thats helpful) & divided whatever accordingly to eachothers satisfaction. I've seen for $400.00 people can purchase forms, programs, etc... this is probably a good tool for others out there so lets us know what your experience is & no wonder attorney retainer & fees are soooooo HIGH, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for responding.
No kidding about attorneys fees. The minimum quote I received was between 3-4 K. What’s amazing to me is that despite the ridiculous financial and emotional cost of divorce people keep getting them in record numbers; add to that all those people who keep remarrying and divorcing.
Whenever I meet someone who’s been divorced and remarried several times and perhaps even has kids with each different spouse I feel very circumspect. I have to hold myself back from asking them why would you do that and have you ever considered that there must be something fundamentally wrong with your mind?
It’s a free country and everyone has the right to their own opinions. In my opinion marriage is BS. The only thing it’s good for is raising kids.
If and when I get a divorce I will for sure never ever get married again.

Yes, I too am in the process of getting a divorce and still checking prices… I do have to agree with you that I too will for sure never get married again. And like you mentioned, there are people who get divorce and married multiple times…

I agree w/you to a point & yes your entitled to your opinion, I feel people are too self absorbed in this day & age to be capable of communicating their differences, wants & needs to create a wonderful experience for one another in life & maturity problems, egos etc. just get in the way instead of learning together how one wants to be treated instead of going to the next, next, next, its ridiculous to me, I've been married 19yrs. now. Anyway let us all know what your findings are as they will be helpful if any chooses to go this route.

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hi Belana,
I myself is trying to find ways to divorce my husband but im in a tight budget. So please do post anything that u find which could be useful in a divorce proceeding without costing me an arm and a leg..im fron AZ and , lawyers retainers fees are just as expensive here . Thanks in advance.....

I live on the opposite coast and here. I'm just going to pay out the $300 to the courthouse, it includes the paperwork and court costs.
Some online divorces only give you the paperwork to go to court.
But call the courthouse and they will be able to tell you what you need to do. It all depends on the state's laws.

Here's one my dad sent me.

Divorce papers $29.95


Thanks for the info, I looked at legalzoom & Divorce info.com & as you stated its alot of paperwork for 300-400 depending on where one lives & how long, kids if any etc. When one is broke then one may have to make other arrangements sucks......

Where I live he cannot contest the divorce if we have been separated for at least 2 years. So I waited. Not taking any chances with him!

Just wanted to say thanks for the info.. I appreciate it.

Something else to consider if you are low income, is Legal Aid. Most states have it. I am intending to use it for my divorce. The attorney that I might be using is out of town until Wednesday so I won't know more until Thursday. Keep your head up and look around. Check your phone book in the white pages for Legal Aid like I said, it doesn't hurt to check it out.

I filed for divorce in Arizona on May 23. I used a certified legal document preparer. He charged a flat fee of $600, plus the court filing fee of $323, of which he has no control. He has filed, made himself available for my husband to come to his office and accept service, filed my parenting class certificate, and will file the default judgment because my husband is not consenting. So, for less than 1k, it will be done.

We do have a child, and the doc preparer will also file the parenting plan and child support paperwork.

Our assets were divided prior to my filing for divorce. When we separated, we each took what was ours before the marriage, and had kept our fnances pretty much separate throughout the marriage.

If you and your spouse can keep it at all civil, this is the way to go. Cheap, easy, and no trying to figure out how to fill out forms myself!

www.divorcewriter.com is what I am using. Easy to use, thourough and about $150.

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