Has anyone else noticed that some people use this site as a

Has anyone else noticed that some people use this site as a pick-up place to get a date or relationship?

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@Yellowrose10 it has happened more times than not. Sad really. I already have trust issue’s. Being hit on doesn’t help.

I've notice...and i havent been here long...i have to wonder if some are just preying on us because we may seem weak to them

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@RaeofSunshine13 honestly that crossed my mind

@Error101 true but I don’t like talking to people who pretend they, have genuine Inteintentions of having conversations. Slowly I find flirty remarks. Not interested in dating. Argh!

@Yellowrose10 thank you. I wasn’t sure how to react.

@Error101 me too.

@Yellowrose10 Right from early childhood things started happening to me by older people. Babysitter, stepfather, guidance counceller, teacher’s, a sibling, my neighbour & so on. Do I just have bad luck?

My daughter was only 11@ the time. Creep!

On behalf of all the males that actually came here for help, I am sorry.

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They have had practice...my pastor had sexually abused me for over 4 years and before he did he groomed me. My family isn't supportive or understanding and he knew of the abuse they had done to me, but he used that and broke me away from them so I could only trust and rely on him...I even moved into his home because I had no other place to go and I thought he wouldn't touch me under his roof...I was wrong...he used that too knowing I couldn't say anything because no one would believe me and I'd be out of a home. When I finally told someone, one of my professors, they told me they would be shocked if I was his first because he was all too good at it. He preyed on my weaknesses and past abuse and used it to his advantage...I guess people like this feel empowered and in control when they can manipulate others to their will

Some people are natural predators. They only think of themselves. Likely have their own mental health issues so its hard to understand.

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@Alllitup sorry you had such a horrible time. I hope the life ahead of you will be charmed!