Has anyone else noticed that their narc pushed away or withh

has anyone else noticed that their narc pushed away or withheld emotionally when we needed them the most? Mine was absolutely horrible to me when I was pregnant and having complications. I was on bed rest and he was not there for "me" at all. Physically or emotionally. I would beg him to support/help me and he would just go his own way and do whatever he wanted. He would just say, "you act like you are dying. you are pregnant not dying." I would cry, and he would literally walk away and leave me all emotional. One time, I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't feel the baby move. He took me to the hospital and never said one word to me on the way there and went to sleep while they were running tests on me and our baby. He said sorry, he was tired. And that he knew everything was ok. No support. He left me for good 3 weeks before I had our daughter. He was there for the birth and he couldn't even give me a hug because he said it "didn't feel right and he didn't want to give me any hope that we would get back together." I also found out while in the hospital, that he slept with a complete stranger the day before I had our daughter. I was on bed rest and had family taking care of me and our twins. He said "well we are not together anymore." No feeling whatsoever towards my feelings and hurt. He stayed with me for a week after my C-section to help take care of our twin boys. He set up all my medicine by my bed, had me carry our daughter upstairs (after just having major surgery), and then told me to "call him on his cell phone and he would be downstairs if I needed anything."

and here I still cry over this man!


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He doesn't care how you feel. Narcs can't. They are incapable. Try not to take it personally. Have you left him yet?

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@I he actually left me and moved out 17 months ago (the first time). he wanted to work on it a month later. Accidently got pregnant with our daughter. He ended it again a month later before we found out I was pregnant. he said he would not be there for my pregnancy but would be there for our baby when born. when I was 5 months pregnant, he wanted to work on it again. (all this time, I never let him move back in). Then he ended it for good 3 weeks before I had our daughter. Our divorce was final at the end of June this year. Now he is in love with a new woman who is going through her 3rd divorce and has 6 kids. He is about to introduce my twin 2 year olds and 7 month old to her. I am so destroyed :(

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@scout2373 That is horrible and sad for the children. I’m sorry you are going through so much. Hopefully you can get sole custody and keep your child away from him. I know it’s hard to see this now, but believe me when I tell you that you are better off without him. in the meantime, lean on us and we will help get you through this

It will be Ok. I know.people keep saying that,but it's true. I wish I could make time go by fastet but you will heal. My Narc did me the almost the same way. Discarded me the day before I had our sone. Weeks before he didnt want to even sleep in the same bed with me. Said he didnt love me anymore and couldn't wait until he could leave me. I hung in there because he would always change his mind,but months later said I forced him to be back with me. It's a hard pill to swallow,but I'm moving forward now. I'm trying to force myself noy to even give this horrbile person a second look. Time heals all

I was entering the discard phase, she was looking for a new place, when my mom died. I went to FL she moved out the following day. Never showed any empathy but did write me an email telling me how much she loved my parents. That was 2 months ago, still haven't heard "sorry for your loss."

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Narcs are incapable of empathy. I'm sorry for your loss and that you have a narc ex. But at least.he's an ex

Well soon to be ex, getting the divorce will last longer than the marriage. She never showed empathy although she did try to fake it a couple of times when playing other victims for things she needed.

I hear ya! Narcs are probe to.frivolous litigation. I'm almost three years into it and custody is still a mess. It's in the hands off the court system now (730 evaluation). I hope he fails the test. Hope yours goes faster

We were only married for 6 months. After a huge internal struggle, loving her, wanting to protect her and all the feelings we have towards narcs, this morning I filed a criminal complaint for theft against her that began before we were married. Its now in the hands of the state.

Good luck

Yes....when you need them most they aren't there. They are making themselves feel better while kicking you when you are down. SICK. It's just another opportunity to abuse. ;( I'm sorry. stay strong.

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