Has anyone ever had a feeling in them that it's kind of like

Has anyone ever had a feeling in them that it's kind of like sad, feels like a heartbreak , emptiness, and lonely. I have a bf, kids and a granddaughter but I still feel this in my chest. Some days are worse than others. It's been like this for a couple of yrs.

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maybe talking to a therapist would help with that just a suggestion

Yes. That actually is more common than you think. And you definitely aren’t alone. Many people or some. I don’t actually know. Lol. But lots of people think that loneliness can be cured by having people around. But loneliness isn’t always about company. But just something in ones heart. A void. A missing piece of the puzzle.
And I honestly can’t tell what that piece is. For it’s not my heart. But what might help you find that missing piece. Is to gain confidence. Self esteem. Because lots of times that hole or missing piece can be filled by self love. Not as a cure. But as a start. Because as your self esteem and confidence return. It fires off soo much more. Courage. Strength. Self respect. And all those things add up. And sometimes that’s enough to make a person complete. Or it leads them to what can fill that hole.
And if you have trouble getting started. Or not sure. Give me a shout. I can ramble off half a dozen great things about you just from the short post above.

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Wow. Thank you so much. That all makes so much sense. I remember you from a couple years back when I was on here. You were very helpful

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@HicallmeKelly I’m glad I could help. And I know it’s easier said than but you are actually doing great. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to. Learn. That’s the first step. So please be proud of that. The first step isn’t always an easy step. But one can build momentum from that one positive.
And it’s very nice to see you again. I’m surprised that some members remember me. It feels like it was soo long ago. Lol