Has anyone ever went to a detox or rehab to get off suboxone

Has anyone ever went to a detox or rehab to get off suboxone. I have been on subs for three years and i cant get lower than 4mg half a suboxone. I am so sick of suboxone. Please help...

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Hi Alcandoit are you working with your Dr. on coming off?? My brother is still on the Suboxone and works with his Dr. Sometimes it takes longer for some people talk to your Dr and see what he thinks you might be just having to go a little slower than usual to totally get off of it. Good Luck.

Yes Blueroses01 i have been working with my sub. Dr for about 7months we have tryed all kinds of things for the cold chills. The cold sweats are what gets me the most when i tapper down. I also get some fatige. But the cold sweats i cant stand. Dr and me cant find something for the sweats. Has anyone had this problem.

alcandoit, I have wondered about detox too. I can't seem to get below 6mg.
A week ago I dropped myself to 5mg, and still suffering some withdrawal and anxiety. I'm sick of being a slave to suboxone. I don't know how I'll ever get off it. Some days I think it's worse than being on the rollercoaster of addiction.

I'm in the same boat, been on subs for over 10yrs. Ive gotten myself all the way down to .05mgs and so AFRAID to make the *jump*

@stay377 been on subs know for 4 years. i was the first patient at my local clinic. I know so much of my need to take it is in my head because i over take what im suppose to. any suggestions how to stop abusing them and take them like im suppose to.? they dont get me high but i use them for a crutch for every little thing and always end up short. i have a love hate relationship with them.

do you feel anything on .05? have you tried going a day or two without to see how you feel?
It's normal to be scared, but don't let fear stop yuo from trying. You are so far ahead of me- I am still on 5mg, and still feel like I've only just stabilized, and am walking a tightrope.


I to have been on suboxone for 4 years I have no emotion I don't even know who I am anymore this stuff is killing me I'm losing mind latley it worked for first few years now I can't cry I used to love music I could care less anymore I'm looking into inpatient detox but my wife seams to think I'm a siisy and I should be able to detox in 5 days the hospital even said I would be feeling better and ready to come home In 7 days wht is this they know nuthin I'm gonna be depressed for months and I just can't doit at home in front of my kids I'm ready to just give up and I prbly won't live to see 40 and I'm only 35 I have insurance and I'm praying I can find a good detox just for long term suboxone users please help I'm at the end of my rope I feel like I'll die is I stay on it!

I hear you Kevin. Please tell me if or what detox you find. I have not found a detox yet. I too can not detox in front of my son. I hate suboxone!

My wife called a few places and they told her I would be detoxed in 7 days and ready to come home I laughed needless to say I have done enough research and tryed to detox at home and made it two weeks and got back on the subs I need 30 day detox with 30 day rehab this is not fair to us long term users I was lied to when put on sub the dr told me it's a walk in the park to wean off am my new dr compairs it to in saline an wants me on it for ever I'm scared if I tell him whts been happening he will kick me out so idk these last 6 months have been horrible and scary and I'm married with 4 small kids I just can't detox at home I'm gonna keep looking and pray I find sum place to detox me off this poisen so I can be me again!!

Do I need to be off work I can't drive it makes me light headed foggy etc

It's amazing to me all the people, including myself, that end up on this stuff for years. I myself cannot seem to get lower than 4mg a day without extreme stress on my body and mind. I recommend looking into kratom however. Its worked for some people, I've been harvesting it for a while but have yet to really make a consistent production from it.

I read of a place called summer house detox they use short acting opiate to detox I'm gonna look more into but prbly out of my price range for sure and I'm sure they don't take my insurance

Why are you on Suboxone?
If you are like the norm, you are an addictive person.
Do you think you would be OK if you were not on Suboxone?..... meaning... would you go back to you old ways?

Sad to say, I was a slave to pain pills since high school (1977). Yes, 35 freaking years!!
And in one day, I left the chase behind.
Yes, some will say that I am relying on another medication, but I have been on Suboxone since April 18 2011 and my life has improved greatly!!
I don't care what others think.
With the way I am, my addictive personality, I choose to take a pill a day to stay away from the drug chase.
It's not like I get a high, or a buzz from Suboxone, but it allowed me to maintain my job to support my wife and myself.
The other advantage of being on Suboxone is knowing that even if I had an oppertunity to take an Oxy80, it would not have any impact.
For us "Addictive Personality" people, just knowing that any form of Oxy will not overpower Suboxone has been a God-Send to me. To me, besides the fact that I came off 35 years of pain pills without being crippled, I would need to be off Suboxone for 3 or 4 days in order to feel the buzz of Oxy. Not worth changing my world!!
It's SAD.... now if you research Suboxone on Google most returns will be about companies selling thier services surrounding "Detoxing from Suboxone". They are not trying to help you, thier goal is to earn dollars, just like the drug manufacturers that made Oxy so readily availabe to us..... so they could get rich.
Buprenorphine, or Suboxone is a lifesaving drug to people like us, people who are addictive.
It's not fair.... people with a heart problem can redily access the meds they need.
OK, I'm done.
buprenorphine, or Suboxone is a lifesaving drug!!!
It has changed my life, has bettered my wife's life.
Be well, and stand strong!!


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And subs have save my life also I have my own business now 4 kids an a wife I had nuthing before subs but now my sex drive is gone I have no emotions this is no life for me if your not feeling this way yet just wait I Prms it’s coming everyone one of my freinds on sub this long are going thru the same thing as me so I know it’s not just me I wanna feel love and feel emotions when I take my kids to the park this drug I a awesome detox tool but there I gonna be a lot of lawsuits in the near future people should not stay on this longer then a month liife on subs was great untill this last 6 months it’s been pure hell on earth and my family has to see me like this I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy

I'm more ready then I've ever Been in my life to been clean and I was on pain pills for 6-7 years before suboxone and they were not this hard and long drawn out as suboxone withdrawl is it's the worste I've ever felt and it last so long I'm going in patient detox for 7 days then into rehab for 28 days I'm hoping this will be long enough time to get clean and feel sumwht better to come back to life at home I've been off suboxone for 7 days today I've been taking norco instead I'm hoping these days off suboxone will speed up recovery

Sub has totally obliterated my sex drive. As a female ,I can't even get myself off. (Sorry if thats TM)I, but I'm not motivated to date at all, because the idea of becoming sexually active with ANYONE, is exhausting.. Still worth it to stay away from the chase..

I remember that so well. It's like your 'sexual sensors' are completely dulled, first by the opiates, then by the Suboxone. I can tell you that after it all gets out if your system, the sex drive does come back, and it'll be just the way it used to be, if not better! It was for me. I think the confidence you'll gain from being off the stuff helps too. You'll get there!

my son is in an inpatient rehab right now to get off subs. It's a 30 day faciity and mostly covered by insurance.