Has anyone ever went to a detox or rehab to get off suboxone

do you mind if i ask did he have to have a refering doctor or did he just call the rehab himself and did it take a long time waiting list?

I know im late to the party but maybe i can help here. I was addicted to pain meds oxys, fentanyl, morphine, & dilauded for.over 20 years. I had tried rehab twice and failed both times. I found a doc who put me on subs actually several for over 10 years. I abused the shit out of them. Logically knowing 24mg was the ceiling id still take 32-40mg’s. I mixed subs with benzos and finally the shit hit the fan. It took 10 days in a medically induced coma, 7 days in a psych unit, & 40 days in rehab. That was 8yrs & 8mos ago. Ive been clean since. All i can say is for me subs were hell. Withdrawals from them were unimaginable and without in-pt id never have stopped. Im actually free now. I am no longer a slave to my sub’s doc.

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