Has anyone felt like their impulse shopping might cause them

Has anyone felt like their impulse shopping might cause them to lose everyone that is close to them? You know it's bad when you look around your office and you are surrounded by so many bad choices that you have a hard time spending time in that place? I feel like there is a way out of this. Could use some help. Any online zoom groups I should consider joining? Thanks in advance.

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We don't know of any online zoom meetings, but you can get 10% for your first month at Betterhelp through the site. Also, there is a lot of good information in the group. We are glad you are here.
-Team SG

I definitely feel this way. I have hurt my husband so deeply with my shopping addiction. I’ve driven us into debt and was keeping it a secret for so long. He found out and blew up, which I don’t blame him for.
I’m petrified of losing my marriage and my two sons as a result. I’m trying to get help through therapy which is what led me here. I feel so insecure and depressed right now.

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We wanted to welcome you to the site and let you know how happy we are that you are here.
We hope you find the support you are looking for and deserve. We wanted to check in, what happened after you were honest with your husband? How can we best help support you? -SG

Hi- I just joined this support group because today I told my husband I am in credit card debt to the tune of $60k! I have never written it down. I was so scared to tell him but I am glad I did. I understand the depression you mentioned as I too have been hiding this for some time. I am a professional, hardworking woman who just got in over her head in debt. It happens sometimes. Do not beat yourself up! I hope things are better now. I just wanted to say keep your head up and know this doesn’t define you.

How did your husband respond? Have you worked on coming up with a plan to tackle the debt? We are so glad you are here. Welcome. -SG