Has anyone gotten over bulimia without professional help


I was just curious if anyone has gotten over bulimia without professional help and if so, what was the turning point and what helped.


I developed bulimia sometime last year, and I'm happy to say it's been over 2 months since my last b/p.
The only helped I got was from my counselor I saw for the anorexia I already struggled with. But otherwise, no doctors were involved.

It's hard at first, to stop. But what I found most helpful was after binging, not letting myself purge, and forcing myself to eat regular amounts everyday. I binged a lot at night time, so in the morning I usually felt sick, and didn't eat much till night time. But I found once I started forcing myself to eat breakfast and lunch and supper the binges at least weren't as big.
From there it was a matter of trying to stop myself before the binges happen. You know..when you're craving all the food. Think to yourself...am I hungry? And try to find distractions. If you are hungry, do eat. Just bring the food out of the kitchen, and stay out of the kitchen. I found going for a walk was best, even if it was after a binge to stop me from purging.
I do NOT recommend staying away from your "binge" foods. I did that in the beginning, but everytime I got a hold of those food it was bad news. But if you eat it in portions during the day, then you won't crave them as much. For instance, I had a problem with peanut butter, but if I had toast with peanut butter in the morning, after a while, the desire to eat it at night time wasn't as great.
The other thing I can suggest is find someone you trust. They dont' have to be a doctor. Perhaps a friend? Do you have a husband? Does he know? Go to that person when you feel like you need to binge and/or purge. Sit with them, let them talk with you and get you through the moment, because believe it or not, if you hold out long enough the urges do go away!

The other thing I'd recommend is getting rid of any food stashes you have, and changing your routine so the binge and purge isn't so easy. And most importantly: if you binge DON'T let yourself purge. I found it was the best solution.
Don't get discouraged if you slip, because it takes a long time. But everytime you win... NO ONE can take that away from you. You are STRONG and BEAUTIFUL, and you have 2 kids that love you. You deserve more to life than this.
I wish you the best <3