Has anyone gotten social security disability while sick

I've been a stay at home mom for 5 years, and needless to say, finding enough people to fill in for everything I usually do is a challenge. To complicate matters, my son is autistic, so we're broke to begin with. I'm going to attempt applying for disability - have any of you had any success applying w/HL?

Depends on how many credits you have w/ss to claim disability benefits, do you have your statement that shows this, they send it out once/twice a year I think.


If you have enuf credit be prepared for rejections, I was rejected on mine several times right up to the very last hearing. You need a least a couple before you can call a
disability lawyer, which will be free as they take a percentage of prorated money you recieve rather than payment
from you. You have nothing to loose by trying. I got mine for arthritis and back pain. but it took 2 years.

I've been hearing alot of that nana, really frustrating & I didnt want to discourage anyone yet w/saying that but there you go janie better be prepared huh.