Has anyone had the unfaithful cheater tell you they weren't

Has anyone had the unfaithful cheater tell you they weren't interested in sex with you because they had no sex drive....only to find out they were shagging someone else multiple times a week?

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Prayers for you. That is crappy to find that out.

Actually I found that out in Feb. Now every time he looses intetest my mind immediately goes to that.

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No. Even when my husband was having his affair nothing in our sex life changed

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@Snsa Same here . Nothing changed, maybe I would have thought something was up if we had stopped or lessened the amount of times we were having sex .

My partner stooped having sex with me and told me he was having problems getting an erection. He didn't tell me he was not having problems having an erection with someone else!

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@Lostheart10 my husband has ED with me but not them. I saw a sex tape he made.
They’re not even pretty.

OMG I have images in my brain which I thought were bad enough.

Yes. My partner told me one day out of the blue that he no longer had a sex drive. That he just wasn't interested anymore and didn't seem too concerned about it. He wondered why I thought it was a big deal. I found out later that the day before he told me this he had started his affair

My partner told me he felt so guilty about the affair he could not get physical with me. Strange how the mind works!!!!!

I just find it so frustrating that he would rather have sex with an ugly stranger than the person he claims to love.

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He told me he had 0 sex drive
Yet he was watching porn and masturbating 2 times a day at the office...
Still trying to figure it out

@Tzeatzea refer him to sex and love addicts anonymous

He stopped initiating sex with me. I cried and told him I felt he didn’t desire me anymore. He swore that wasn’t true, but he did sometimes struggle to keep an erection with me. It may have been guilt, the drinking he was doing to stave off the guilt, or the fact that at his age he can only have sex so many times and it was happening elsewhere.

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Betrayed By A Sex Addict, sorry to read of your continuing struggles with your spouse. If you like to talk about it privately - let us know. It seems that your spouse is trying but having a very difficult time maintaining his s*xual abstinence and sobriety. It is a very difficult addiction to deal with from the addict's point of view - but harder for the spouse of the addict sometimes.

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