Has anyone in here dealt with slow processing (especially as

Has anyone in here dealt with slow processing (especially as a child)? Can you describe what it feels like to go to school dealing with this? Did anything help?

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I would ask for help because i know how you f'eel because i have a learning disability too and i do try my best and it is okay to ask for help

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I'm in uni now! Its still hard to learn but theres amazing help in University I promise if you're interested! It almost felt like as I younger child I couldn't control how to think or focus I may have ADD in some sort way I was diagnosed expressive language disorder I am still effected by the comments as a child, I can't handle maths I get very emotional in that area I am doing all science subjects in my degree.. Let me tell you you'll get very far in life <3 teachers and peers will not change you they will only fire you up to prove them wrong! You may feel those words will never go away but I use them for good use, to motivate myself and :) prove myself I am better then what those people told me in the past.

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@victoria1995 @CannotSeeTheWayOut My biggest regret I never did was always ask your teachers for help ‘in class’ and ‘the end of class’ after you handed your assignments when you get it back go to them and ask what you did wrong and how to improve and that’s also included with tests book appointments with your teachers I cannot stress enough how important that is :smiley: for better understanding in content for your subject , ‘subjects all together’. :slight_smile: I have only discovered to do that now when I didn’t realized back then how important it will be for me in the long run! That’s my recent update how to improve yourself as a learning disability individual :slight_smile: Basically what @brookey said haha! xD sorry stole your idea haha but I am recently doing it now so brookey is 100% right on that spot on!