Has anyone out there,,?

is anyone out there trying to conceive besides me? i tryed getting pregnant with my ex bf, we tryed for 8 months and nothing, the guy b4 that on and off for 2 years.. i have had one misscarige and they run in my family, my mother had 5, my sister one, my aunt 3, and both of her daughters have had a couple too, im scared ill never be able to get pregnant, and if i do im scared of loosing the baby again, idk if im strong enough to deal with a loss again.. and all my life all ive wanted, all ive been tought is that girls are sapose to grow up, get married and have babies, i feel like a failer bcuz im the only one out of my sisters who isnt married, who didnt go to college, who has done drugs, who drinks, everyone thinks im to fucked up to become a mother, but im trying to get clean, im trying to do everything right. i got a good job at a hospital, i got my own place, and i have a serious bf, now all i need is to finish getting clean, get married and have a baby, but its easier than it sounds, lol. anyone out there??

Hi Shavonn, thank you for being here with us and for sharing. I think that it is so great that you are trying to get clean now, are you in a treatment program or part of a support group to help you through this? I think that you are on the right path; getting clean first is definitely a priority, then all else will fall into place for you.

no im not in a group or anything, ive quit b4 with no problem and was sober for 9 months, it was easy, and its pretty easy this time to, cuz i have a goal, and everything is already falling into place, i got a good job, my own place, a great bf, and we have talked about getting married! i have hi hopes for myself i just need support from you'all and i know i can do this. tell me about you..

Hi Shavonn, I am so happy for you, that's all so fantastic. I totally believe in you and know that you are on such a positive and strong path. Yay!

Well, about me; I am single, feel like my work is my relationship/boyfriend, and I am blessed with great family and friends in my life. So, no complaints whatsoever :-) Thank you for asking!

if you dont mind me asking, if ur life is so great y do you need to be on here? lol. jw cuz alot of us are messed up, and need help ya know?

You are so funny Shavonn! Trust me, I have do have issues and go through a lot of ups and downs on the whole. This Site has been such a huge blessing in my life, and people have helped me through so much. As well, I love helping people in any little way that I can, so for me, it's fulfilling and makes me happy. That's why I've been here and continue to be :-)