Has anyone taken zyprexa for anxiety? I took it and it made

Has anyone taken zyprexa for anxiety? I took it and it made me feel horrible. I could barely move or speak. I am wondering if the side effects get better over time..Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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Make sure you tell your Dr so they know if something is typical or not...are you okay now??

@TennisPlayer Yes, I am o.k. I plan on letting her know. Thanks so much for your concern. You never know what will happen when u take a new medication.

@TennisPlayer I eat healthy, exercise daily, meditate daily. And I did clean again. It went better this time. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. But my anxiety has gotten worse lately. I go out every single morning and workout. Then I either train my client or go out for coffee. But the longer I am out, the worse my anxiety gets. It was getting so much better for a long time and now things have changed. I don’t quite know why this is happening. That’s why I am trying new meds. I’ve tried so many meds over the years and haven’t had much luck.

Is your anxiety improving? What kind of meditation do you do? Does it help?

Yes, years ago. It was as I was seeing the world... Behind my eyes. It was a terrible experience. Also, I believe there have been lawsuits concerning the medication. I shudder reflecting on the experiences. Apologies if I've not been helpful.

@Ulalume i live in cheshire i have been having agraphobic feelings for a few years. it has been overwhelming. i can get out but am restricted. i drive to quiet areas. countryside. away from towns or busy roads. which have become very difficult…