Has anyone with NHL had growths on the pancreas

Hey there, I have been recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Follicular Cancer. It was discovered by CAT scan because of abdominal pain. I have a tumor on top of my pancreas that is large 5.8 x 5.0 x 4.6. At the same time I had a groin lymph node that grew to be about the size of an egg in a month. When they took the groin lymph out, there where no pancreas cells so I dodged pancreatic cancer.

My PET scan then showed about 8-9 other involved lymph nodes on both sides of my diaphragm. Anyone else with pancreas growths? How about pain? I am in allot of pain and between that and chemo I am pretty miserable.
I would just like to know what others are doing?

Oh, is Follicular Cancer normally painful? My hope is that chemo shrinks my pancreas tumor and regular cancer pain is manageble without narcotics.

I was first diagnosed with indolent non-hodgkins lymphoma over 12 years ago and have been on a watch and wait since then. There has been a growth on my pancreas that they have been watching for about a year. This past Feb a pet scan revealed more lymph nodes along with the growth on the pancreas. Due to the fact that it is right on a main artery they are not able to biopsy at this time. I had a cat scan again in May and more lymph nodes were found in my abdomen and I will be starting rituxan this coming week. I haven't had any pain at this time. I am anxious to see if the mass on the pancreas (said it was in the neck of the pancreas) shrinks after treatment. Have you had rituxan and what kind of side effects did you experience. My dr said side effects are minimal and I am very optimistic to where I am driving myself based on what he said. Hope he is right. Good luck to you