Has anyone

just gone through chemotherapy the first time and not had to have later treatments? It seems so many people on here have relapsed and are dealing with new chemo treatments and stem cell transplants,etc.

I guess I'd just like some reassurance that some of these treaments work the first time around...

i am 27 and have had cancer 3 times.
they want to do the ICE treatment next witch is a auto stem transplant. Here is what they don't tell you.
1. this type of cancer is slow you have lots of time, so take it
2. sometimes its better to have it cut out then poison your body
3. my medical education prepared me for hard lined questions that the docs didn't like. and I am alive because of it. doctors only practice the medicine they get paid to practice, which means look up other counties and what they do.

I'm certainly hoping so - I'm counting on it! Went in for my after treatment PET scan on Friday and go back to discuss the results with my oncologist tomorrow. Hopefully this thing is gone and stays gone!!!