Has binge eating wrecked my body

I'm 22, 5ft6 and weigh 123lbs. About a year ago I started a low carb diet and lost weight down to 117lbs. I then started restricting badly which only lead to my ongoing binge eating disorder. I also purged a fair few times while binge eating because I would eat until I was physically sick. I have not purged in months but I still binge eat and am far from having a normal relationship with food and never thought this would be going on for so long.

I think I have done my body some serious damage and I had lots of blood tests this week to see if I'm lacking in nutrients and have any blood sugar/pressure, hormonal issues or food intolerances and hope to get some answers in the next few days.

• My digestive system is stuffed up. I never ever have normal bowel movements anymore. I'm almost always incredibly constipated no matter what I do to try and get things moving.

• After I eat sugar my heart pounds so hard in my chest which scares me. I get really nervous and shaky too.

• My skin has broken out in acne that never clears up. I went on Roaccutane which got rid of it all but since binge eating it has stuffed me up!

• I haven't had my period in 10 months.

• I get nervous around food and always feel on edge and anxious. I NEVER eat a meal without judging my food, what's in it, if it's good or bad or what I will or will not be eating next.

I'm SO stupid. I can't believe I have wrecked my body. I have worked a lot on self love and have come a long way. It has helped me greatly and I love my body now more than when I was thinner BUT I still have no control over my eating. I feel helpless and am so ready and have been for ages to live my life and get food out of my head.

I'm worried I'm going to get my results back and have Diabetes or food intolerances and internal problems and blood pressure/sugar problems because of this disorder!

Has anyone been diagnosed with any other health issues that are a result of binge eating?

Hey Nat,
Although I haven't been diagnosed with any issues every time I go through a series of binging and then eating regular...I get heart palpiatations and I always feel sick and dizzy...I think it's the sudden loss of sugar.

I've had to go to hospital twice, with inflamed intestines, from abuse of laxatives, a pain I cannot describe...I thought I was being stabbed and ever since then binge or no binge fibre has been a major part of my diet.
This resulted in me having to have a colonoscopy to see was there anything else causing damage (not a wonderful procedure) and I had to have my stomach pumped.

My periods stopped for months during my bulimic phase...and I fear I have caused long term fertility damage, although they have remained in stable (and painful) over the past 2 years.

I have not had my body checked, but recently had my bloods checked for iron levels,as I was feeling extremely tired all the time, they came back perfect. Which sucks abit for me because it is obviously down to the anti-depressant I am taking.

I probably should have it rightly checked for other complciations.

God reading back on this make me thinks geesh my poor body, I'm surprised my heart manages to keep going, it goes through so much torture. And it has actually finally struck me, I have an eating disorder...woah. (sorry I'm kind of rambling here)

And I too am I also anxious and nervous around food when I'm being "good" on a binge everything goes and I count nothing...I eat without even thinking. But when trying to be good it causes it anxiety.

Sweetie, you're not stupid, and you've started dealing with this disorder and this is the most important thing. Are you going to see a therapist too? I think this is so important...they will point you the right way and help you.

You are doing wonderful, and you can repair this, you just need to repair your mind and attitude with food and yourself too.

Sending you warm wishes, thoughts and prayers
Moongal x

Oh my heart always beats rapidly after a binge, It is awful, I was I could I always think of how horrible I feel after it in order to prevent it from occurring. I binge so much that I am afraid I am getting diabetes as well. Even if I eat a little sugar, my heart rate goes up. I do not know what to do about that. Everything has sugar practically, and I cannot live on protein and calcium alone.

Me too heart beats so fast after eating a lot of sugar on a binge. Eating disorders are such a hard disease to deal with. However, looks like you are doing things to get yourself in the right place. Good for you and yes, from what I have been told the body can rebuild and heal itself in most cases. Best wishes to you!


It's crazy to read these posts, it feels like I'm reading my own writing....I have experienced a lot of the same stuff.....rapid heart beating, lack of periods, acne, bingeing from low carb dieting - this BED/BN is ruining my life!!!!

I hope everyone here is doing well, keeping everything under control. It's a daily struggle for me, and I just wish it would end.

Good luck :)

Im in the same boat. I have awful skin and rapid heart beats. IBS as well. I didn't actually connect all of it, but now that everyone has mentioned it, i am going to attibute these issues to my binge eating. I know i have to find peace and find ways to treat my body as the temple it really is. after all it functions well all considering, it made my sweet little daughter. I actually feel bad for my poor body for what my mental issues have done to it. I go back and forth tho....i did blame my body for being so fat...my genes, for not having 'thin' genes instead of curvy genes. to some extent i do know that is true...i don't have thin genes. but i can't beat up my body for that...

i am trying really hard today to have three solid meals and a couple snacks. something i haven't really done since i was a kid, about 30 years ago? haha!

I'm in the same boat... I feel a little better hearing that I'm not alone. I also developed digestion problems and I feel like I've wrecked everything for good, though I've only been struggling for about a year. I had blood tests and everything seems to be fine so far but I'm worried that I'll never be able to shake this ED. It's been months since I've had my period. I'm going to the doctor on Wednesday and I'm scared she's going to find out about this because no one knows right now and I can't afford to see a therapist.
I know I've shared more of my own problems instead of helping you, but for me at least it's important to not feel alone.

Yes these are all signs you have a problem... All of you ladies are clearly struggling. I have been here (here being a very relative term, here on this site , and here still alive) struggling with the heavy weight of having an E.D. I know it is so easy to chime in and state that you feel the same and that you to know the feelings of the original post (i too feel my heart racing and now this feeling, it is like reading my own writing). those statements are understandable but also instead of just relating we need to stand up against this. We are all such strong women (and men) that can rise against this. Hearing that you are not alone doesn't always make you feel better, if anything it can enable and trigger our minds into thinking that it is ok and acceptable behavior.

You have not "ruined" your body love. Human beings are such resilient creatures, there is no doubt you will be able to rise above this and be healthy again, it is just going to take time and hard work. I struggled with extreme E.D.. extreme restricting and then after years i then went from that to EDNOS and could not help myself and binged like crazy and then of course because when you are binging to the point of what feels like near heart attack purging seems like a necessity after time I finally realized i was not living a healthy lifestyle and took the steps I needed to, to get healthy. I went to counseling and was admitted for a period of time... After all of that it is still a struggle that I have to mentally overcome everyday and because I can do this I KNOW YOU CAN!. You have the strength to pull through! You have come to the right place my love. I have met some of the most supportive wonderful women on this very site that have helped me immensely through out my recovery. Please feel free to email me anytime you need someone to talk to. ANY OF YOU! I am always available to any of my fellow human beings moving through this world needing a little help with their direction :) [email protected]

Chin up loves, together we can conquer all! love IS the answer... the beatles were right, all we need is love :)