Has this ever happened to you

I am having problems wanted sex to often. My wife does not want sex at all or very little, I would like to have sex at least once or twice a week, if that is not to much to ask. So because she is not willing to give anything, her belief is that if she can't have it neither can I.
Am I in the wrong for wanting sex more then she is willing to give and if she does not give I am self gratifying because she does not want to or is not willing to?
Now because I am self gratifying she is upset and angry at me because I can't control my urges, am I in the wrong?
I know there are some times where I need to put my desires aside and I do some times, but it is really hard to put them aside for weeks at a time.
What are your thoughts?

Sex is a very healthy thing. Unfortunately, your wife doesn't feel the need for some reason or another. She may feel undesirable because of weight, age or some other reason.

The best thing to do is for the both of you to go to a marriage counselor ... someone who truly understands that sex is needed in marriage.

As for taking care of yourself: You have to do what it is that you need to do. There is nothing shameful about that. You have a biological and mental need to do this. It is innate and NORMAL. You should never feel ashamed because of it.

Again, a marriage counselor or a therapist will truly be able to help your wife regain her desires. And, the therapist will help her to understand that you do have a physiological need for sex and/or self gratification.

Good luck.