Has this happened to anyone? I suddenly have lost attraction

Has this happened to anyone? I suddenly have lost attractions to the opposite sex. I don't remember what it feels like and now I'm doubting my past and all my previous experiences. My mind keeps telling me I'm gay now I just never realized it.

The same thing has happened to me. And this is a trigger warning, I have an attraction my brother, that was where it all happened

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For 20 years I never once thought I was gay. Always watched straight/lesbian porn and have gotten hard with girls but suddenly one day BOOM. I'm pretty confident it's just HOCD because I can remember the exact moment this happened but it feels so real. The anxiety I've been having is unreal it's taken over my life. This last month I'm pretty sure I've gone from Harm OCD>POCD>and now HOCD. I'm doubting my entire past and my mind is finding evidence to support the fact I'm gay. For example, all my close friends are girls, im really into music, I can tell when another guy is attractive or not. I just don't now anymore

I don't know what I am anymore it's pretty much awful. I can't even like truly remember most of my crushes anymore other than their names because they've been a while since I had a really good rememberable one. I suppose that's probably not a good thing either.

I feel like I notice so I look more now idk. It's frustrating that I have to deal with this and going back to online college at the same time. I have no desire to truly test things out still but that doesn't mean much I suppose. Never even considered it a possibility all my life. But I've never had a girlfriend either but I'm currently working on it and not to prove our test anything as I like her just the attraction feelings are not fully there I'm not sure. Long ways to go before any sex is to happen.

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