Hate crime

My manager lied to get me fired or some oddball vendetta and feeling affronted cuz I contested a write up against me.

The job market is non existent for a middle aged woman with a termination behind me in a saturated market place.

What this person did to me is commit a hate crime.

I am catatonic with grief, fear, depression and being a victim of a hate crime I don't know where people get the strength to move on.

Hi Ejovan, again I am so very sorry for what you are going through, and your feelings are very understandable. It's all about taking small steps in the right direction and off and away from this scenario. I know that we've tried focusing on all of the positives in your life and all that you wish for.

If I remember correctly, you have over 90 weeks of unemployment, correct?

You have a part-time job presently...is that still the case?

You have the opportunity to rent out your flat.

What are other positives in your life and what do you wish for. I know that this time is not easy for you, but I know that you will make it through and be so much stronger on the other end of this.

i probably will get stronger if i get a new job.

if i don't become an alcoholic.

if i don't kill myself.

who knows. i can't rent out my flat yet cuz i have no where to go. i can rent it out if i get a new job somewhere.

i had a phone interview in wisconsin today and the techs were suspicious of me looking for work so far away and why i was laid off. they were suspicious. unlucky. they did not ask me much. and they only interviewed me for a about 10 minutes.

bullshit. 10 minutes when the interview was supposed to last for an hour. bullshit. i wonder what i did wrong. talked to much about my last job. i should just talk about what i am doing now. and not focus on my last job at all.

Hi Ejovan, I know that you will continue to get stronger and stronger. And don't take the short interview as a bad sign. I've had plenty of short interviews that turned out positively.

All will be fantastic for you. The key is to keep forging ahead. Don't let this period of time defeat you.

no. things are bleek. i just found out that i am no longer under consideration for a job only a two hour drive away. I am surching nationwide for a job so 2 hrs away don't seem so bad. i have an income property i don't plan to sell cuz it is a **** market for it. just rent out my flat and get working somewheres like it's the dust bowl and i am moving around for a job like the jodes in grapes of wrath.

so i am no longer under consideration for a really great job i would have been more than happy to have. oh well. i will press on. i keep emailing my union rep, or is she my union rep anymore if i am fired, but i could still have an appeal if they lobby for me to have one. they can deny me and they might, not because i do not have a good case, but because they are unmotivated and lazy and it ain't their food or shelter they are fighting for.

so things are not looking very sexy for me. i am sitting on my porch which i always loved. hard to believe it may all be over.

my heart breaks i have lost my job and that i was not loved there. i ought to have been. i ought to have been. i guess i sound vain, but it was what i deserved.

plain and simple. people are hateful and petty and i am part of that probably too. but i have never fired anyone or destroyed them. never.

I ask god everyday not to let me fall into the abyss. I fall. My manager plotted to fire me. For years. I feel victimized. I won't b normal again I'm hung over again. How could she perceive me as so hateful. Monster. Monster. Aren't people afraid of harming someone else for the karma alone