Hate feeling this way :(

I hate feeing jealous when I hear a friend or someone finding out they are pregnant. That is all I have ever wanted. To be pregnant. I've quit "TRYING", quit thinking about it. I've been working out to lose weight. I pray for it to happen. But nothing. What to do?? HMMMM....I have tried everything everyone has told me to try but nothing is working. Are there any other options I can try to help?? Both my husband and I want kids, but I'm the one with the problem. PCOS! It stinks!! UGH.....HELP!!?!?!? haha

Thanks for letting me vient.


Have you tried any holistic treatments for your PCOS?

No I haven't. What are holistic treatments? I don't have ins at the moment. But I will soon. But I have tried all the natural methods evertone has told me about. Even the "not trying" method. haha If it happens it happens, I have always been that way. Its just when I hear about people getting there joy just brings me down.