Hatred taste so sweet. As it fills my body I feel stronger t

Hatred taste so sweet. As it fills my body I feel stronger than ever. Like adrenaline its a delectable rush. But...I feel heavy. My heart feels as if it'll fall from my chest. That's how heavy it feels. It feels black too...It taste so great but hurts so much

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Yeah, sometimes it feels good to hate. Kind of like getting back. Yet it only lasts so.long and never feels as good as love.

@jim111 its so liberating… And confining at the same time. A devilish twist. Well maybe it’s a devilish twist cause I love and hate at the same time. It doesn’t feel as good as love. Its so confusing

We need something to fill the emptiness where love was. So, anger and hate go there. You'll find love again. How old r you?

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Love is the main reason that causes that hatred . Main thing is not to act on it .
Theres only two rds that leads too.
Death or Jail for men .
We act on our emotions
Everytime it builds up you must fight it.
Running. Boxing . Weight training.
Anything psyical to get it out

I wouldn't hurt anyone without being struck first. But idk this hatred its weird.

Like I can break the world in half and love ever second until the deed is done then all I feel is nothing. Bit right now I'm feeling the breaking part just lay dormant but pulsating at the same time yeknow

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But I have faith in my heart to not dwell on this hatred for to long

Yes its good if you can focus on something else