Have you ever felt like suicide is actually your only answer

Have you ever felt like suicide is actually your only answer?

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Lucky you.

When the internal pain is so unbearable and I cannot see any light at the end - yes.

Then I ask myself, who would care for my dogs and cats? I mean that quite seriously. I love my pets and there are days that they are the only reason I still exist.

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Well, I don't have pets, so I guess I don't have an excuse to live.

My pets are what I need. What is it that you need?

I’m not being flippant. Finding what we need to get through each day is important. IMHO

I felt that way a few months ago. I don't now. Point is don't let your present situation stop you from having happier times later. I smiled again. I laughed again and so will you!

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I hope this happens soon.

It will. 1 dollar bet that it will.. Lol
I remember sitting in a park feeling so depress. I have kids and I was in my own world. They brought me out of it . I'm not saying I don't still battle it, what I am saying there are more good times now then before so that is worth fighting for.

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@Scottslife thank you, I’m just gonna keep hanging on.

You can change the thoughts and feelings you are having, to aim yourself in a more positive direction. You may feel like things are hopeless right now, but I assure you, they are not. There are always solutions to problems. We just have to find them. I am struggling with self-destructive feelings too, partly from PTSD, I think. I have to keep telling myself thats not what I really want, and I use my rational thinking to identify what is triggering these destructive thoughts and urges. And I tell myself that I am a good person and I dont deserve to treat myself badly. Relaxing music helps me, being outdoors, being with a friend or loved one, talking about my problems, journal writing, meditation, working on a hobby, physical activities and exercise, planning enjoyable things to do, and finding safe, healthy ways to express anger. If you are "coming out" as a gay person, I know that must be hard, but there are ways to deal wiith that too. My brother is gay, and he is happily married to a man. There are ways of dealing with challenges like that. You need to connect with others who are facing similar challenges and problems, so you will not feel so alone.

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@clematisflower this was the best thing someone has ever told me so far. I’m trying to come out as bisexual to my parents, but I don’t know how, do you think you can help me?

I know how you feel,I felt like this a lot but then I started thinking suicide isn't the best way out,when you could get help or do something that make you have a positive mood and thats all that matters if you're happy:)

@Bringmetheahs thanks, this was really lovely.

I never felt like suicide was the only answer, I thought i could always 'win the lottery tomorrow'. I felt like "I had a snow ball's chance in hell"... I felt like basically i needed a miracle to come through... I started drinking like a fish everyday to calm the stress.... but here I am... the miracle did come through... and I am turning the corner back..... So hold on... pray... and work at making things better... hold on... your bound to make it...

@wellwellwell thank you, I hope my miracle comes like yours did.

Are you a young person, living with your parents, or an older adult, living on your own? I dont know how to answer you, other than to suggest that you get advice from someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about this. Maybe from a mature friend or acquaintance who has already been through this, or a family counselor. A lot will depend on how open your relationship with parents is, and how well you communicate with them, and how conservative their beliefs are. You might try contacting an LGBT organization in your area. They may be able to give you some advice, or refer you to someone who can. Sorry I cant give you more direct help. But you can talk with me.

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@clematisflower I’m a young person living with my parents, so it’s a little bit difficult to me to say this things to them

It can also help to have a "cause" that you care about, maybe something that you can get involved with, some kind of community volunteer work, or career goals and dreams, that can give you things to work toward and care about.

Hey, I've felt like that but seriously it's not the answer you should be looking at. I'm 21 when i was at my lowest i just did some travelling by myself and honestly i can say it's given me a whole to perspective. Sometimes finding a cause in your environment maybe a good thing but making one of your own is better. :)

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