Have you REALLY laughed

How long has it been since you really laughed? You know, the kind where your belly hurts from laughing so much! How long since you have been free enough to allow yourself to react spontaneously to something without checking yourself first, or censoring that reaction?
I lived almost my entire adult life unable to laugh, or to feel real joy.
Now? My favorite sound is my own laughter, free and uncensored.
Have you REALLY laughed?

Jan ♥

On occassion, I do exactly that. what a great feeling and a wonderful stress release. I bet you and Jen did a lot of laughing in Texas!

giggly jan....

fabulous topic! i laugh a lot of little fakey, bullshit laughs in order to appear somewhat *normal* sometimes. but every once in a great while something will cause me to drop my basket of laughter- spilling it out into the world in the most joyful, unexpected, [needed] contagious, almost-liquid manner.

i give you my most recent example from YESTERDAY:

I took my kids to the pool and witnessed huston [my 6 year old son] ripping the loudest, most horrid i-almost-threw-up-b/c-i-swallowed-too-much-pool-water BURP that not only sounded like a plane crash but quieted the entire pool for a rare silent moment as everyone errupted into hysterical laughter! huston's response: *it's not funny. i almost threw up, and now my throat hurts.*

i laughed uncontrolably for about 20 minutes.

thanks for this op to recollect it yet again!!!!!!

this is soo true, to live is to laugh and love, well thats my motto but i dont always live up to just that.( well i do with the love but not so much with laughter.

but when i laughed last time, was at this little butterfly , a baby, that let me follow him and play with him and i laughed as it came up to me , to my face. and i giggled again as i saw this butterfly, a couple hours later, swoop down next to my shoulder, and fly away... oh, how i wish i could capture him and take him home, but the butterfly was better off free...

to laugh is to release joy inside of you,and the love you have inside comes out.


I like that Maureen..to laugh is to release the joy inside of you..like you are sharing it with the world!
I love this visual...and hf's defensive frown as he declared that it wasn't funny! Gotta love kids!
xoxoxo Jan ♥

It had been I while since I'd laughed really hard but the other day I was watching my nephues and decided it would be fun to do a carft with them so I pick up this thing called yumm dogh it's like playdogh but after then done shaping it you bake it well let me tell you the youngest one 2 years old heard me say that he could eat while I was geting the cookie cutter aparently he decided to try it I truned around to find I was missing the bleu no when I asked the older one 4 years old were it went he simply replied in Seth tummy in like 1 maybe 2 minute he had eating the whole cup of blues playdough I said seth you not suposed to eat it yet all he replied was more please I brust out laughing in amazment of how qickly he ate it but the big laugh came about 1 hour later I was looking for the cat and asked the kids if they had seen it again the repily I got was in Seth tummy after a monont of shock I started laughing and so did the boys laughed so hard I almost peed my self it was funny because the. Kid will eat anything and everything he 2 and can eat 3 to 4 hotdog so for his 3 year old who is autistic and not very verbal to say the cat was I. Seth tummy was priceless thank jan it alway nice to think back at your last good laugh

Great share! Thank you! Yes, children can bring out the pure joy in us if we aren't tied up in our eating disorders, and censoring any and all that we do and say. Take care...Jan ♥

This weekend! When Mailo leapt onto the counter next to you, then freaked out and kind of bounced off with all four feet! Hahahahaha! I'm ALWAYS laughing at that kitty! :D

Love you, friend! ♥


YES!! That was memorable! ♥