Haven't been here in a while

Haven't been on here much lately. Don't really have a reason. Yes I've been busy with my Girl Scout troop w/cookies & all that these last couple months but that's no excuse really. I still can come & give support to all you. And I can certainly come when I need support.

I guess I'm doing ok. Still have my sleep difficulties, still have lots of pain. Most likely always will. Going to my psych Dr Mon to see if he can switch some meds to see if that might help with sleep more. My case mgr has some ideas.She even threw out the idea to me to possibly have a placement & go off all psych meds to see what I really need. After all I've been on some sort for 27 years!. I may not need everything that I'm actually taking. Who knows? She's had a couple other clients do that. One was on 7 meds to begin with & is now one 1.

My recovery is going well. Celebrating 64 days today! One week not long ago was a bear though & I was ready to throw in the towel.

Last week I broke my foot, hairline fracture, but still a break. Don't need to do too much for it. Stay off it mainly at this point. I walked on it for a week before I got it checked out. Not real smart of me. Was offered pain meds but turned them down. Will rely on Tylenol.

I hope & pray that everyone has been well. I will do my best to make it here more frequently.

hey starhope good to hear from you hun. 64 days oh yeah...congrats! we did that with mom...off all meds and start from there...let us know what you decide about that. i personally am for less is more. don't like meds and have widdle down to 4 at this point. after surgery hoping to widdle down somemore. kiss kiss to your poor foot. don't like hearing that your pain has been added to. please do come visit more. we need you hun!