Havent got the diagnoses yet but i know what it is.Saw my do

havent got the diagnoses yet but i know what it is.Saw my doctor today for a culture test. so depressed. Ive never had anything in my life and now its all i think about.I feel like im falling down a dark hole and i cant get out

Wait and see what the diagnosis is....you don't want to unnecessarily worry.....I'm glad you found SupportGroups here....when you do hear the results, if they're bothering you, ask your doctor about your options.

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Hey, it's really hard at first. My first outbreak/realization of everything was soooo hard. But it gets better. You do have to do the self-work to cope with it. PIck yourself up. Trick yourself into being positive, take steps in uplifting yourself instead of sulking down.

But don't worry. It's not over. Reach out, participate, welcome to the club (*sigh), and get excited to work with this.

There are a bunch of research efforts out there on HSV which, according to participants in their clinical trials, are experiencing very good results. There are some "cure" type therapies in the works. Not to build your hopes up but there is a light to look up to and follow in all of this.

Meditation, drawing, writing poetry, journaling... are ways you can birth your discomfort and sadness out of you. It's heavy and you need to express it. There are some people who haven't told a soul about having HSV for over 10 years and finally they reach out and decided to work on it. Just start now.

Do you have any friends you can trust to talk with about this? I met someone here. We talk and have been tremendously supportive with each other and great friends.

If you're in pain, figure out to how get out of it. I use herbs. I haven't used any prescriptions drugs. I asked for some acyclovir from a friend just to try it. But I have it under control with herbs and am able to heal and work on things that valtrex or acyclovir can't.

Anyhow, much love. feel free to send me a message if you want to talk.

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As well as others have said it is hard at first but the thing that I found was really useful is actually 2 do my research and understand what it means to me and the fact that I really need to keep healthy body and mind is going to be a big factor in being able to still get on with life because you actually can

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Thank you so much everyone. I'm having good days and bad days. This was my 3rd break out, before I figured out what was going on. I'm making myself get out of the house and do stuff. I'm an active person and healthy and I take really good vitamins to keep my health well. My doc gave me valtrex which I'm to take twice a day and I just started it yesterday. My husband is the only one that knows and I feel like I can't tell anyone else. Not even my closest friend of over 20 years. I'm so afraid she won't want me around her kids. All I think about all day is this disease. Every second of the day. If I see a commercial, or see something about std, or someone makes a joke about std. Or looking at my future of going to new doctors having to mark that stupid little box saying I have He$&@S!! I can't even say the word out loud. I've always been so careful, it just consumes my thoughts all the time. And I'm soooo worried of someone finding out :,(